17 On The Frontline

17 New Artists On The Frontline

Yeah we know the month of January inevitably brings a deluge of lists about who’s going to be make it or break it in the year ahead. With every music editor polishing their crystal balls in an attempt to predict what we’ll all be talking about over the year, it’s possible before long we’ll all be suffering from list fatigue.

But before we tire of list after list and lament about the state of the UK charts living through their own mid-life crisis, there’s a new league ready to step up in 2017.

So rather than roll off a list, the team of creatives at Nation of Billions have collaborated to put together something more about why we’re looking forward to a year of music. #17OnTheFrontline features a series of 17 exclusive cover stories featuring 17 artists we think you’ll be hearing a lot from this year.

The #17OnTheFrontline by Nation of Billions begins today and each day we’ll put the spotlight on one artist who’s stepping forward in 2017. Our Cover Stories will feature exclusive interviews, images and selected videos profiling artists from across the UK, US and Canada. Watch the frontline, these 17 artists are set to step up in a big way in 2017.


#17OnTheFrontline - Coming Soon