25 Years Of ‘Hip-Hop Cinema’ To Be Celebrated

Just as we’ve started to enjoy the emergence of a new wave of ‘Hip-Hop Cinema’, it’s a timely occasion to be honouring the films that kicked off the first wave back in the 90’s.

The African American Film Critics Association have announced that they will be honoring Boyz N The Hood and New Jack City at their annual awards ceremony in February 2016 in Hollywood, according to reports from the Los Angeles Times.

The occasion will include an all-star tribute concert as 2016 will mark the 25th anniversary for both films and so the AAFCA awards have called the ceremony a “Celebration of Hip Hop Cinema.”

AAFCA president and co-founder Gil Robertson spoke about how “Hip Hop has had a global impact on pop culture and influenced millions around the world,and  its impact on Hollywood has been a major game-changer in front of and behind the camera and at box office.”

At the awards, John Singleton the director of Boyz N The Hood will receive a 2016 AAFCA Special Achievement Award.

Ice Cube made his acting debut in Boyz N The Hood and also starred Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lawrence Fishburne. The coming of age story revolves around the struggles of three young men fighting to survive the streets of South Central Los Angeles and pursue their dreams or lack of them.

Ice-T starred in New Jack City as an undercover cop who infiltrates a drug ring ran by Nino Brown, played by Wesley Snipes.

The AAFCA was established in 2003 as a platform for movies of African American origin and seeks to provide opportunities and support for young journalists and film critics.