5 For Friday: Aeris Roves, House of Pharaohs, Frenzy & More

April has seen a good flow of music coming in from a bunch of acts spread across the UK. So this week’s list contains melodies and punch lines that are bound to float across your brain all day. House Of Pharaohs link up with the esteemed producer Nyge for a joint project, and leave us with a cut to warm us up. But on the other hand, we include some intriguing talent that will be worth a play or two today —with [ K S R ] and Aeris Roves. So stop reading this and go ahead and listen to the five songs on this cheery Friday afternoon.

House Of Pharaohs – Magic City

In the midst of April, House of Pharaohs unite to bring us a new song from their locker, which finds them hopping onto a production crafted by the beat artisan Nyge.

While the members of the South London collective have spent much of the year working on their solo projects, this newest drop is a joint rap sequence called ‘Magic City’. A one-off single from their collaborative project ‘Seasons,’ it’s the backdrop to a strip club and oozes with a southern bounce to it. Ringing off with saucy melodies and sleek rhymes on getting caught up in the frills of a strip club, it sonically takes you into a lively and bottom-swinging space, but is lyrically homebound. Filled with bright shrills and booming bass it marks a new juncture in the respective journey of HOP & Nyge.

Aeris Roves – Delilah

Word on the street is that Aeris Roves has been culling ears up like a fishing hook out in a open lake. ‘Delilah’ is a soft sung euphony which brings out a tender feeling from the left pocket of your chest. Coming from his ‘Moon By Island Gardens’ tape, the Londoner has a talent for translating raw feelings and filling your head top with tranquil warbles you can find solace in. Roves’ ‘Delilah’ chops strings onto rolling drums and howls echoey voice notes into the night sky. Sat in the drivers seat in the backdrop of a dim forrest frame, he picks up the fleeting feeling of coming across something, or someone, that draws your breath away. We can’t wait to delve into his discography and we recommend you should too.

Miles From Kinshasa – Maybe

South London R&B crooner cultivates a slow-burning 80s funk tripping sensation with his newest release ‘Maybe’. Miles From Kinshasa gets into his soul singer bag and posts up in a dapper fit on the rose tinted colours of cover of his single.

He is far from the average considering he wears multiple hats as a producer and singer-songwriter creating mystical grooves that dance around your ears. The usual futuristic quips of his sound is eclipsed with a vintage sonic hatched from a time capsule. ‘Maybe’ attracts the soulful charm of Ron Isley and fittingly lofts falsetto melodies atop woozy funk. The sporadic electronic waves draw searing tingles that can only be compared to a lost connection. It’s an all in all gentle vibration perfect for nostalgic day dreams, however, we can’t knock off the thought of Miles popping up in an old school informercial with his latest effort.

[ K S R ] – Headloss ft. Time Elijah

Melodies are filling the space and Manchester’s K S R is to blame. ‘Headloss’ is from his recent EP ‘Unfiltered’ and this week he releases the video to the jazzy number with fellow old soul Time Elijah.

A short visual which finds the duo walking the serene settings of garden under black-and-white hues really gives off a vintage touch to the song. A singer rocking a North Face bomber jacket is a sight to see, but the light swoons from [ K S R ] light up the song, which finds him crack notes over a dusty organ arrangement. The pitter patter of drum sticks tapping on the rims of a drum adds a lively jolt while he uplifts your soul to the slick licks of strings. Time Elijah drills a message of self-love and leaves clear instructions to inspire you to go on, ending the song on a much lighter note.

Frenzy – Kisses feat. Sam Wise & Knucks

Frenzy has a penchant for making songs that make you want to blissfully bounce your head and catch a vibe to. On his latest drop ‘Kisses,’ he taps onto Sam Wise (of House of Pharaohs) and North West London’s hybrid Knucks.

The trio cut rhymes about striking up a match with pretty women and post playful wordplay over a balmy upbeat instrumental. The sequence features circular swinging hi-hats and dense claps that recoil against the resonant waves of bass. Sam Wise lays down fluent lyrics with metaphors that live true to his last name, but the switch over to Knucks is as seamless as an no-look pass on a basketball court. You can bet he matches that same energy with a nippy verse, rapping “In that bedroom shaking her box like I try guessing what her gift is”. ‘Kisses’ is the outcome of three distinctive rappers waxing their signature on a song that ought to be played over and over again.