5 For Friday: Amber Simone, slowthai, Col3trane & More

This week’s 5 for Friday is a much more chill affair, but not a lack in quality. That’s one thing we’re definitely certain of in these uncertain times. Our line-up of songs ranges from the primed singer Amber-Simone who makes her return with a subtle yet powerful track called ‘Workin’, while Col3trane gears up towards the release of his brand new EP with his own offering featuring of the DMVs most prominent rapper GoldLink. Kick-off your weekend with our latest addition and thank us later!

Planet Giza – You Wasn’t Lying

Planet Giza is a trio made up of Hip-Hop aficionados that are united by a connection to their city Montreal. Releasing their latest single ‘You Wasn’t Lying’ finds rapper Tony Stone dream picnic date take a sharp a left turn down the wrong avenue.

It’s a smoothed-out affair that knits sounds that swing from mellow Hip-Hop to R&B and light Electronica. Tony Stone rides the bumps of the production billing cool raps and shooting easy swoons into the fold. In the bigger picture it’s an a good song to kick back to, and the video directed by Walid Jabri will make you consider a red-flag when you seen one.

Amber-Simone – Workin’

From the moment you press play your ears will pick up skippy folk strums that gallop across the production and a slow-burning horn that unfurl a smoky effect into Amber-Simone’s latest cut. ‘Workin’ find her stepping back into a jazzy formation, which is much more slower than her last single ‘Only You’.

Showing much depth to her artistry with her new song, ‘Workin’ is smothered with a chorus which is as dignified as it is evocative. “I’ll be soaring through the skylines of my dreams far as my eyes can see,” she sings with words that pluck near-vivid imagery in the mind. On a tranquil Friday afternoon it would make sense to score the setting of your room with Amber-Simone’s chilly sonic.

Emotional Oranges – Built That Way

The Los Angeles R&B cult go forth on their mission to spread touching rhythms and sagacious notes in this short exchange of words. ‘Built That Way’ comes as one of the many new tracks off the first volume of their upcoming project ‘The Juice’.

The duo go back-and-forth in a conversational style which assent honesty above anything. A funky outfit that lights up the production with sunlit guitar riffs and golden era drum patterns. It’s healthy to speak your mind especially if it’s over the boon of bass supplemented with snazzy percussion. ’Built That Way’ is a gentle soundscape that’ll help you unwind into the weekend well before it even arrives.

Slowthai – Gorgeous 

Currently running through a score of shows, Slowthai takes time out of his busy schedule to announce his debut album ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ and shares a new track entitled ‘Gorgeous’.

The Northampton rapper chronicles a chapter of his story growing up in his hometown and lofts perpendicular raps on shimmering keys. Slowthai’s run-off-the-mill flow melts into the production which bustles with blown-out bass and a short spell of horns that erupt like cannon shots into the distance. ‘Gorgeous’ is a taste of what is yet to coming and judging from the sentimentality of this track it seems like it’s going to be a worthwhile experience.

Col3trane – Superpowers feat. GoldLink

The aftermath of his debut mixtape ‘Tsarina’ wasn’t filled with much music, bar his last release which featured the ever-growing singer Raye. Today he returns with a new track taken from his new EP ‘Heroine’.

The way Col3trane tackles his music and hits the sweet spot between rapping and singing is reminiscent of Ty Dolla $igns. Although he doesn’t sound anything like him, ‘Superpowers’ opens with bouncy drop that slips in between minimal spaces and boost sharp strings and microscopic hi-hats. GoldLink reigns in the production and shoots his skippy cadence that finds him boasting about his sexual prowess behind close doors.