5 for Friday: Benjamin A.D, Chip, Koffee & More

As the countdown to the weekend comes to end, we get straight into it with a great bunch of new sounds waiting to rock your ear drums. Chip sets the mood with a laidback cut called ‘Sparko’ and gives us the drop into what he gets up to on a Friday night. Koffee encourages us to focus on the positives with her sunny single, featuring new gen rapper Gunna in ‘W,’ and following the news with Rapman’s Blue Story we receive a music visual from the movie soundtrack by Tiny Boost. Go down and press play there’s plenty for you to take in.

Chip – Sparko

Chip’s evolution from Grime scene saviour to dignified rapper has resulted in an evolution that some of us have witnessed with our very own eyes. ‘Sparko’ isn’t particularly a new page in his book, but his new single is a casual display of excellence.

‘Sparko’ features Chip slapping easy rhymes about exotic flavours and blowing smoke with his homies to hollow chimes echoing a holy tune. The wordsmith pen game is tight and his delivery is blasé over bouncy hip-hop drums radiating a nodding rhythm, as Chip delivers a soundscape for you to post back to on a Friday night. We skip through Chip casually posted up in sunny Hollywood with a model, surrounded by a blue lowrider and lofty palm trees on set, as the visual cuts between an abundance of smoke and visual references.

Tiny Boost – Trenches

Tiny Boost keeps up the work rate, following the release of his mixtape ‘Street Dreams,’ and continues to bear his title as the voice of the streets. Off the back of the record-breaking release of ‘Blue Story,’ Tiny Boost shares the music video taken from the movie soundtrack.

Tiny Boost takes up the task of bearing his story in ‘Trenches’ which paints a picture about a day in the life in the concrete jungle. His candid lyrics are stained with rough memories, “I’m swinging with gorillas and apes can’t walk because the block got tapes,” he raps over chilling keys. The RP9 and MP production is earmarked with shooting horn blasts and a harsh voice boasting the grittiness apt for ‘Blues Story.’ The visual below cuts in between sequences of Tiny Boost and a narrative which offers a fly on the wall perspective into a day in the life.

Benjamin A.D – Backseat Driving

South London rapper Benjamin A.D delivers the theme song to your late nights with ‘Backseat Driving,’ a tranquil sung-rap outfit with an accompanying music video.

The highlight of a night out is always at the function, but the point leading up to the party is always frankly underrated. From the in-car banter to the careful selection of songs in the ride, Benjamin A.D steers us through it all in the Ray Fiasco directed visual. Driving through the stages of the night with vintage piano keys and cushy percussion, ‘Backseat Driving’ includes appearances from Yung Filly and Young Adz who joins his big brother on the ride.

Koffee – W feat. Gunna

It’s been a year since the Spanish Town native shot up through the ranks with her breakout single ‘Toast’. Today, she returns with a new offering entitled ‘W’ which features Gunna in her cash-filled music visual.

The young singer who is noticeably known for her warm blend of reggae and dancehall music gives us something new in the shape of a bouncy sonic. The exotic offering finds Koffee crooning over bright tones and sharp guitar riffs and casting her gaze on her wins, while Gunna goes down the romantic route and indulges in his women. The Matt Baron directed visual opens up in a church setting where the preacher foreshadowing a storm – a money storm which rocks the locale with an onslaught of notes pouring down from the sky.

Ego Ella May – Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys

Re-introducing Ego Ella May, a sensitive soul using her voice to heal your mind with each sonic at a time. Having released a compilation of her efforts with her album ‘So Far’, the singer shares a new visual for ‘Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys’ in which she teaches us a thing or two.

The South London singer-songwriter has proven herself to be ample with the pen and on her latest drop, she provokes us further with her slow blend of new age Jazz. ‘Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys,’ they dabble in books at night. Over a pulsing drum beat and faint keys which dissolve into the soundscape, it feels like you’re witnessing a live session in a New York bar in ‘69. “I’ll go to school, get married and start a family. The cycle continues, where we don’t question what we’re into”, she chants with a soothing tone. On a brighter note, we’re looking forward to hearing more gems from Ego Ella May in 2020.