5 For Friday: Brent Faiyaz, J Hus, Jack Boys & More

There’s no such thing as a music break and in the low period of the festive season where nothing makes absolute sense, here’s a bunch songs to get lost in. Brent Faiyaz is the epitome of a young Casanova and his brand new music video puts his wicked charm in the limelight. Smino hooks up with longtime collaborator Monte Booker and musician Masego to give us the Christmas song we’ve all been waiting to hear. In the last few weeks we’ve been gifted with dazzling releases and this week isn’t any different from the last. Here’s our final 5 for Friday of 2019, enjoy courtesy of the Nation of Billions team.

Brent Faiyaz – Rehab (Winter In Paris)

With the horde of incoming R&B talent sweeping the industry, and rewriting the script with a newfound sound and familiar aesthetic, Brent Faiyaz has easily become one of the favoured singers out of the bunch. Following his summer excursion on ‘F*ck The World,’ he returns with a new visual. The winter season is a chilly period and on Brent Faiyaz’s ‘Rehab’ he takes the steamy genre to sub-zero depths.

On ‘Rehab’ Faiyaz grips the score with rockstar form and steers through a darkly menacing tune. Inducing a trance with shuffling strings which fade into deep, low-hung bass strums, the Maryland singer dabbles in debauchery drawing intriguing parallels between sex and drugs. “If you ain’t nasty, don’t @ me”, he sings with a cold charm stunning us with the kind of R&B that is far from charming, but seductive enough to drop a panty in an instant. With the variety of women in his index it isn’t enough to satisfy his affection, it’s unshakable and like an addiction Faiyaz can’t help but run back to it. It seems like rehab can only be his remedy.

Smino – Sleigh (with Monte Booker & Masego) 

It wouldn’t be Christmas at all if we didn’t include a jingle to cement the festive season. Smino arrives in the knick of time with two brand new offerings entitled ‘Sleigh’ and ‘Kushmas.’ Winter aka cuffing season finds a lot of us longing for the warmth of affection, while others prefer winding down with some liquor.

Monte Booker avoids the trappings of giddy bells and deconstructs the production with the precision of a genius inventor. Thick piano chords sink into descending order in the midst of crisp claps and shakers on ‘Sleigh’. Smino runs through pop-cultural references with TV shows lapped up in clever double entendres. “Keep that kale with me like Kenan, Saturday night we live”, he raps with a weightless touch. Conjuring a sultry Christmas mood while Masego’s smooth scats mark his entry. Continuing along the risqué lines, Masego sorts through sexual endeavours with cheerful wit.

J Hus – No Denying

East London rapper J Hus gives us a second helping to seal off the year and hops on a spooky TSB production with ‘No Denying.’ Following on from his last single ‘Must Be,’ J Hus delivers stern lyrics over a free-form grime composition and raps about his inevitable rise in the music game.

In the past few days Hus has taken to Twitter to spread his Militérian teachings and he continues on his bold rampage on this tough cut. Over a swivelling string section embellished with golden horns that pulse into the score in small doses, Hus shifts from mellow melodics to a vigilant word slinger. “Them man there don’t know their roots, them man there dilute the truth”, he firmly raps on the tail end of the production. J Hus administers his king’s speech over distorted blasts and drill-influenced drums cooked up by TSB. The duo always make a formidable partnership in the booth and if this is proof of anything, it’s that 2020 is for his taking.

Jack Boys – Out West feat. Young Thug

Head honcho Travis Scott lit up the internet with the surprise announcement of a new project, entitled ‘Jackboys.’ The seven track offering features Travis Scott and an ensemble of friends who go on a lively joy ride with the rapper.

The chemistry between Scott and Young Thug is undeniable, and on ‘Out West’ Thugger’s slimy rap prose contrasts with La Flame’s bravado. Buddha Bless and Jabz chop up a heavy club vibe laced with brazen 808s and an Indian flute trailing behind scampering hi-hats. At one point of a young man’s life the allure of a rap career has always been tempting. If it wasn’t for the money or the fame, it was certainly for the racy lifestyle that Thug and Scott brag about on the jumpy production. La Flame lights up the score with his methodic delivery, carefully treading on each word and passing over auto-tuned ad libs. ‘Out West’ is a vibe setter and the kind of track you need to have on rotation to kick-off a wild weekend.

IAMDDB – Bubble Tea

Linking up with ATG on a spacey production, the Manchester starlet IAMDDB drops an appetiser on ‘Bubble Tea’. On her newest cut, the sassy songstress powers into the future with a trap-infused R&B cut, as implied by the black globe drawn on the EP cover inscribed in the middle with 2020.

IAMDDB raps circulate between sipping bubble tea; enjoying the sight of voluptuous “bubble butts;” and sipping on ice cold glasses of cognac. Stepping into her groove with a rhythmic hook perked up by shimmering piano keys and a giddy looping drum beat, ‘Bubble Tea’ eases us into her soft hybrid hip-hop and R&B sonic. IAMDDB’s brand of braggadocio is glazed in a candy-coated veil with her rap sung melodies, while the songstress is guarded with her eyes glued to the money bag she shows no intention of slowing down for a needy lover. ‘Kare Package’ is a 2020 mood that will have your head jerking to a distinct blend of jazzy tones submerged into lush vibrations.