5 for Friday: Buddy, Blood Orange, Shay Lia & More

A whole load of new sounds are flying frantically across the internet and we’ve plucked some of our favourite releases today. In a bid to get off to the right start in the new year, a few of these tracks are leading up to album releases in 2020. This week’s 5 for Friday contains psych-rock influences and musical combinations from the likes of Tame Impala and Shay Lia. Blood Orange revisits ‘Angel’s Pulse’ and gifts us with a brand new visual for ‘Dark & Handsome,’ which you ought to catch below. It’s about time you get on with your weekend.

Shay Lia – Good Together

Djiboutian music nomad Shay Lia made waves with the release of her EP in the early half of the year. She revisits a track off her last project and delivers a music video for her stellar RnB record ‘Good Together’.

Shay Lia dances to the angelic tones and bouncy drum patterns in an ebullient fashion at a dull laundrette. On ‘Good Together’ Shay Lia lofts her glossy vocals over drawn-out piano beams vibrating an ethereal note. Opening herself up to be consumed by great passion, the Caraz directed visual finds our singer take the lead in her attempts to win someone’s heart.

Tame Impala – It Might Be Time

Tame Impala break their silence and move towards the new year with a teaser for their forthcoming album ‘The Slow Rush’. Ahead of its release, Tame Impala share ‘It Might Be Time’ to whet your appetite.

The soundscape evokes a feel good vibration using perky keys and radioactive synths that reach an energetic climax. Crashing cymbals, warped drums and electronic keys clutter together and manifests a psychedelic rock driven outfit. On ‘It Might Be Time’, lead singer Parker imparts reflective lines which contrast against the dreamy soundscape. “It might be time to face it, You ain’t as young as you used to be”, he sings. Considering it’s been 4 years since the release of ‘Currents’, ‘The Slow Rush’ marks a new chapter that we can’t wait witness.

Blood Orange – Dark & Handsome feat. Toro y Moi

Blood Orange, aka Dev Hynes, drops off a new visual taken from his recent mixtape ‘Angel’s Pulse’. Following on from ‘Benzo’, ‘Dark & Handsome’ receives the visual treatment with direction by Dev Hynes.

An acoustic opening filled with multiple bodies darting across the beach in slow-motion, ‘Dark & Handsome’ is a pensive track which is perfect for late nights spent alone. Blood Orange billows gentle notes onto wavering keys and laid-back drum hits as Toro y Moi lightens the load with a stirring contribution. ‘Dark & Handsome’ is just one of the many spectacular tracks from ‘Angel’s Pulse’ so watch the visual below and revisit the mixtape.

Buddy – Hollyhood feat. Kent Jamz 

Buddy links up with Overdoz representative Kent Jamz on ‘Hollyhood’ and waxes off his vocal depths and warms us up with this blissful rap offering from his upcoming album set for a 2020 release.

Buddy continues to set himself apart from the crop of new generation artists while remaining true to his West Coast roots. ‘Hollyhood’ is a sun-tinged record bursting with choppy drum selections that will set you on cloud nine. Cutting through the production with a flamboyant bounce, he charts his mission out of the hood while Kent Jamz soothes us in with sweet harmonies over the D Mile production.

Farr – Technicolour 

Whenever Romeo or Linden Jay aren’t busy working on their solo ventures they come together to create sweet sounds. Today, Farr make their 5 for Friday debut with a brand new music video entitled ‘Technicolour’.

Shot out in the open, Farr bundle together to deliver a music video which boasts their vocal capacity. Romeo delivers lines from the heart which carry a dark undertone that is filled with candour and optimism. “I don’t want to get to 48, knowing that my shit ain’t straight,” he croons on the stripped back instrumental. With 2020 on the horizon, ‘Technicolour’ is the last song that was written for their untitled upcoming debut album which should be arriving shortly.