5 For Friday: Charlotte Day Wilson, Masego & More

As the last knockings of summer have been swept aside, we come back from our hiatus with a variety of styles this week confirming that we’re in for a great autumn of music. Whether it’s the moody nocturnal sounds of Brent Faiyaz, the upbeat, jazz-infused empowerment offered by Masego or a stripped bare ode to love by Alicia Keys and Miguel, we’ve compiled the best songs to complement the shedding that comes with the season. On the eve of South London artist and debut actor Dave winning the Mercury Prize, there is plenty to champion as we proceed to sweep the auburn leaves and provide the soundtrack to your Friday.

Lava La Rue – Stitches [Twenny Four/Biscuit]

Lava La Rue continues to make waves in the UK Rap scene as she displays just how versatile her soundscape can be. The young West London rapper combines trip-hop with trap and poppy R&B sensibilities which are laid bare in her latest joint video ‘Twenny Four/Biscuit’.

Directed by Greedy Goons, Lava awakes from her sleep as we witness an artsy, guerrilla view into a typical day in her life. ‘Twenny Four’ is laced by a hypnotic TOKYOTHEPRODUCER beat, which allows Lava to detail her 24 hours (get it?) before seguing into the trap-infused, Mac Wetha produced ‘Biscuit’ – where she touches on topics ranging from managing her mental health, growing up in West London and how she won’t glorify the trap life. Check out ‘Twenny Four’ and ‘Biscuit’ on her latest project ‘Stitches’.

Charlotte Day Wilson – Mountains

Toronto is not just the capital of Canada, over the last decade or so it has slowly come to be recognised as a growing hub where talented singers, rappers and producers dwell. One name that can be counted in the mix is Charlotte Day Wilson, whose R&B, folk and gospel influences make her a wholesome listen.

‘Mountains’ is her first offering of the year, enchanting listeners with heavy bass strings, chilling vocals and her production style that hints at gospel yet is so R&B simultaneously. With backing vocals and co-writing credits from Daniel Caesar and the icon Babyface respectively, Charlotte puts her best foot forward as we anticipate a project from the 26 year old multi-instrumentalist in the near future.


Brent Faiyaz – Fuck The World (Summer In London)

Ever the mysterious and nomadic spirit, the Columbia, Maryland raised crooner comes and goes as he pleases – an attribute that partially characterises what a Lost Boy really is. On this occasion however, he pops up in the UK capital to hear how we talk on the downtempo “F*** The World”.

Over a sparse, moody instrumental that wanes like a mythological siren – co-produced by Brent, L3GION and fellow Sonder bandmate Dpat – the young lothario draws a line as he denounces freeloaders; rejecting order as he boastfully claims to do what he wants. Directed by Lonewolf, we take a walk with Brent as he takes in what London has to offer.

Alicia Keys – Show Me Love ft Miguel

In a play that finds this duo revisiting their previous collaboration ‘Where’s the Fun In Forever’, Alicia Keys enlists fellow soul child Miguel to once again link up for what she is calling a ‘visual sonic expression’ of love.

Appropriately titled ‘Show Me Love’ the soft, acoustic Morgan Matthews and Keys co-production finds both demands the passion of love while smoothly reiterating that love is a verb; not a noun. Michael B. Jordan, Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego Saldana star in a visual that show the various lenses in their love triangle. The aquatic theme provides a cooling contrast to the baptism of fire that is love as Alicia Keys lays some of the best notes she’s hit in the last three years. Textbook contemporary R&B.

Masego – Big Girls

Masego continues to push the bar with his music as his jazzy core meshes with his affable personality and a penchant to draw influence from life.

‘Big Girls’ is the singer-saxophonist’s latest funky-jazz tinged single that takes influence from a recent trip to Kenya – and a chance encounter with its native ‘Big Girls Crew’. The Maxwell Nalevansky directed video pays homage to women of all persuasions while rendering the Afro-futurist movement with rich neon-hues. With the THJ Band backing him, Masego continues to supply listeners with refreshing, sultry-smooth art.