5 For Friday: Dave, M Huncho, Jevon & More

In this week’s 5 for Friday, we jump into the fold and share some new releases that range from pounding raps to songs strictly for women. We run through M Huncho’s newest release ‘Birds’ and lump Britain’s national treasure Dave into the list following the release of his debut album ‘PSYCHODRAMA’. Championing women on International Women’s Day is the Virginia native Marco McKinnis, which comes in addition to a debut entry from Destiny Rogers. You already know what time it is, go ahead and enjoy our latest wave of sounds below.

M Huncho – Birds

M Huncho is one of the last masked crusaders running in this rap game, besides K Trap, RV ditched the mask about a week ago. Bringing it back to the music, the borough of Brent is where this rapper resides and on his latest release he takes a trip out in ‘Birds’.

He dishes melodic raps on this 2-in-1 cut which features a drop that hits harder than a judge slamming down a gavel. The production carries a rockstar aesthetic with edgy strings tied into sharp snaps that transition into a whole new beat. Running laps through the second half with short takes and bumpy interjections, we get a taste of the rappers aspirations. “2014 in a Focus, 2019 in some Royces” he raps on the bass heavy half of ‘Birds’. We recommend playing this one on your speakers for maximum pleasure.

Dave – Streatham 

Dave continues his upstream release of songs with the newest one to the mix coming in the form of a music video titled ‘Streatham’. A no nonsense track which takes us back to the corner of London that made him the young man he has become today.

On ‘Streatham’ he shows us why bars are still important with a flurry of gems packed into the various points of the Nana Rogues production. Hurling geographic punchlines like “My young g done draws and eights, now he’s cutting through bricks like the 118” he raps as a nod to South London, Brixton. In the video, Dave is surrounded by a bunch of friends and a sport car whizzing around a warehouse. You could sum up the gravity of this release via the blue fames that cover his debut album: ice-cold production and fire lyricism.

Jevon – Falling

From his Ghostin’ days to now, Jevon music has taken a substantial shift in a great direction sonically. ‘Falling’ is a solo-cut flaunting billowy organ keys and shifting redemptive vibrations into the other end of the speaker.

Jevon’s take on R&B reveals itself in the contrasting vocals which posture his drawn-out vocals against the warm gush of sounds. Although ‘Falling’ has a gloomy context there isn’t a moment in which you cannot relate to the emotional trappings of a pointless love affair. The hasty snares mimic the irregular heartbeats of a heart under pressure, but the symphonic warbles of a female singer make you feel like there’s still hope. This song isn’t only for the love struck few, anyone with a good ear can definitely appreciate it too.

Marco McKinnis – How I Feel 

Marco McKinnis explores different facets of love and belts them into a web of intimacy and gratitude in his latest release. ‘How I Feel’ intently lands on International Women’s Day and finds the young singer brandish his vocals in an open atmosphere.

Basking in the ambience of a doughnut shop, McKinnis and a guitarist decorate the room with acoustic strums and plush swoons. In this ode to women, his lyrics express a yearning to connect with a woman on an emotional and sensual scale. McKinnis mid-range pitch take you up a gentle stream of waves and usher you into a buoyant high. ‘How I Feel’ is a snippet of the many feelings women can manifest in all of us and the Virginian singer embraces it all.

Destiny Rogers – Tomboy

Newcomer Destiny Rogers takes her first step with her debut track ‘Tomboy’, a hypnotic, alt-R&B offering which brings us closer to the California based singer’s world.

What a man can do, a woman can do, too. Rogers goes from self-indulgent rhymes on her aesthetic to swinging notes over an elastic musical scale. ‘Tomboy’ opens with a sting of electric strings which charter across the springy booms of 808s and cracking sounds. She places Lodi, her hometown, in the centre of her visual and demonstrates her flair for skateboarding with a band  of skaters. Her debut plays as a statement of intent rather than just another single in the large pool of music. Give her debut a go and see what you think.