5 For Friday: Flohio, Tierra Whack, Ragz Originale & More

Before you begin to bark on about the brevity of February. Maybe, we ought to remind you that it was a leap year. If we were into star signs and horoscopes then that might have meant something, but we’re not, we’re into music instead. One time for Octavian and Essie Gang on scoring three sold-out shows on tour, including Skepta hopping on his infectious cut ‘Bet’. Although it doesn’t appear on this week’s list, we couldn’t go without giving it a mention. We get back to the usual showing and slim down the number of joints to 5 songs you’ve got to listen to before the week ends. So without further ado, press play.

Ragz Originale – Proof Read

When you press play on ‘Proof Read’ you’ll either end up bouncing to the gentle bumps that dance along the spine of the track. In a matching red Kangol hat and sweat combo, Ragz Originale leisurely swings to a digital metronome which keep his slippery delivery of bars in check.

“Check the bank, I proof read that b*tch”, he asserts on the chorus, while the hallowed notes of Sipprell beam in the backdrop to a nominal degree. On the topic of production, Ragz tackles his self-produced composition which is atypical to the point it becomes far removed from the alternative music compass. A true breath of fresh air that leaves a gnawing bassline hanging in your ears past the end of the song.

Tierra Whack – Clones

‘Clones’ is a charged-up rap song which shoves grim, elongated heavy metal thrums profusely into your ears like the tormenting buzz of a bee. The Philadelphia rapper gets straight into the fold and mumbles an open shot at rappers lacking originality in their flow.

If the cover is indicative of anything it’s that the three chattering teeth illustrate the monkey see, monkey do anecdote. Tierra positions herself as the cutting edge MC etching creative flows that your favourite rapper wants to get in on. ‘Clones’ features cheeky jabs and run-on ad-libs which will have you ferociously bopping along. Hopefully this means Tierra will comeback with a new style that’ll have us hooked onto her spirited rhymes.

JonnoAQ – It’s A New Year

South London’s JonnoAQ sets pace for the ALQAE camp with his first release of the year ‘It’s A New Year’. He forgoes the amped up, energetic production for a brooding beat which finds him sharing a bit of himself on the mic.

The beat opens on a chilly note with piano keys that reinforce the contemplative essence of the production. Lyrically, ‘It’s A New Year’ draws on past tales from the hood and ushers in some self-awareness. The meek swoons roll from a sample which swoop in and out of the fray as Jonno ticks off life lessons from his checklist of experiences. The visual is brought to life by Post Carlton and centres the video between a young boy and a ward of faces carrying burning notes. Soundscapes become a pool of emotions, which you can pull from this sober tune.

Full Crate – Lowkey feat. Jayd Ink

Dutch singer-producer Full Crate and Torontonian Jayd Ink splash tropical orange droplets on this joyful exchange on the tokens of love. Jayd Ink transmits soft, rhythmic vocals that tinker brightly in the skyline of a sapid instrumental. She surfs graciously over percussive elements, churning lines like “I’ve been in and out the city on a lowkey, I’ve been working overtime I’ve been OT”, and as the tune begins to simmer Full Crate lofts dual tones on the rear side. The wave of electronica closes the track with breezy keys gushing airy streams to seal a splendid collaboration. This one’s teases spring time sensations and comes just at the right time.

Flohio – Bandage [Freestyle]

In the frame of a black-and-white hue video shoot, Flohio echoes a sentiment that rings a bell amongst many of us. “You handing me the shovel, you must want me to dig my grave”, she barks as these words tear holes in the heavy dosage of sonics. Her freestyle finds her weaving rocky rap flows on a bass heavy set up. The accompanying video cuts through Flohio cruising in the ends on a peddle bike and trailing her rhymes into a rare end camera. The video’s rather interesting judging by the other scenes which have been captured by Deepa Keshvala and directed by DUNCAN. Other than the dizzying circulations of the camera, we reckon Bandage will be the right track to charge up your mood on any given day.