5 For Friday: Greantea Peng, Maths Time Joy & More

Today’s 5 For Friday brings you a palette of sounds which will take you to the four corners of the map. Greentea Peng makes her return with a brand new music video titled ‘Hu Man’. In addition to the bunch you’ll find some evocative cuts that will bring you back to Earth in the midst of a summertime scorcher.

Maths Time Joy – Real Deal feat. Sinead Harnett & J Warner

Maths Time Joy builds up a smooth operation on the soulful ‘Real Deal’ and strikes up a connection with Sinead Harnett & J Warner.

J Warner’s effusive lyricism flirts between enticement and appreciation on the opening sequence. The Maths Time Joy production arrests your ears with its dulcet arrangement and slow tempo soul boasting subtle drum play. In between the seamless transitions, Sinead Harnett delivers her love intermission on which she puts up a soothing vocal performance, while J Warner’s vocal blows over a chill breeze once he clocks falsetto. The trio put up a fittingly divine collaboration and work up a special number for the lovers tonight.

Mega – Let Me Let You Go

Mega rises from personal setbacks with the gracefulness of phoenix emerging from the ashes. The singer reconnects with music on a gentle yet passionate single titled ‘Let Me Let You Go’.

On the acoustic number Mega showcases her opulent tone over sliding guitar strings cranking out indie rock indebted melodies. Gratitude is a big theme on ‘Let Me Let You Go’ which could easily strike someone as a devotion to a higher power. Orchestrated ad libs, cajon strikes amongst a deep-seated guitar strings operate as the backboard to the sonic posting up the enigmatic lessons learned by the spellbinding singer.

Kaia Laurielle – Gold

Kaia Laurielle works magic over “Gold’ like an alchemist combining elements of soul and minimal electronic music to produce a winning formula.

Blood, sweat and tears are the articles weaved into the DNA of artists, however, night shifts and hardships account for Laurielle’s challenge. ‘Gold’ resembles a blank canvas on which the songstress bears elegant vocals atop ballroom keys and snippy drum strokes. Subversive elements shift the song dynamic to a slow stop which takes you on a hallucinatory trip and brings you back to a new equilibrium where alluring notes and heavy piano keys close the cut.

Macca Wiles – Honeytrap

The chemistry between rap and rock music is deep rooted in old collaborations mashing two distinct genres most notably known for its energy. In the intersection of both sounds you’ll find Macca Wiles who learns a tough lesson through hindsight and expresses his pain with his brand of trap melancholia.

‘Honeytrap’ is a tale from the singer who lets his pen bleed red over a brooding drop pumped with knee-jerking 808s. Wiles chronicles his regret in a romantic episode where he gets caught up in a vicious cycle. Jittery guitar strings injected with hi-hat triplets ground the outfit in rap terrain while his melodies flirt with the evocative screams of a rock band frontman. The visual features Macca Wiles being vulnerable in the arms of a woman who encases him in a venus fly trap embrace prompting a cold-hearted betrayal.

Greentea Peng – Hu Man

Greentea Peng wishes for clarity and takes a deep dive on her thought-provoking new single ‘Hu Man’. She strings together some proverbial prose on Earbuds’ jazzy production.

The alluring songstress delivers a soothing sunny number and conjures a triple layer delight ebbing with entrancing notes, elegant horns and shakers. ‘Hu Man’ pushes forth progressive thought and challenges humans to separate their ego from themselves in order to achieve true harmony. Greentea Peng’s notes ring like a shamanic prayer beaming across the Bossa Nova grooveline which trickles deeper into your psyche with each listen.