5 For Friday: James Blake, Odunsi, Buddy & More

This past week has been absolutely manic and it isn’t even over yet. A bunch of songs and teasers have been thrown online, from Isaiah Rashad to Frank Ocean sharing a cryptic message about a track with Kendrick Lamar, SZA and Andre 3000. Skepta revived his feud with Wiley by dropping a scolding diss track with ‘Wish You Were Here’ and now we add on to the entreé with five staggering songs for your listening pleasure.

James Blake – Mile High feat. Travis Scott

Situated in the casual setting of the Mile High cafe, James Blake and Travis Scott talk it over a cup of tea before veering off into a dark, unknown reality. A world which finds Blake spiritlessly descending into Peele’s fabled sunken place. The duo charge through a solemn backdrop of whirring synths and gentle flute strokes.

‘Assume Form’ is James Blake’s experimental album which houses ‘Mile High’. Together, Blake and Scott go from heavy grumbles to high-pitched tones on this union between ambient electro and trap tendencies. Travis Scott strikes up a moody melody which fits into the eerie essence, which submerges you deep into the self-made production with help from Metro Boomin and Dre Moon.

PartyNextDoor –  Only For The Night

A few years ago PartyNextDoor and TM88 teased the idea of a joint project with ‘Party At 8’. But it didn’t really amount to much more than that, as with 90% of collaborative mixtapes/EPs.

Following a loose string of singles, ‘Only For The Night’ is one of the latest leaks to appear on the internet. PND is in top-form on this percussive storm whipped up by Atlanta’s own TM88. The arrangement is an out-of-space medley poised with lapped melodies and polarising synths ringing out of an OP-1 machine. If you’re love complex soundscapes then you’ll enjoy the handiwork of TM88. It reminds us of the first coming of PND.


IAMDDB – Wokeuptoflexxx (WUTF)

IAMDDB adds a new song to her lax lump of R&B and trap infusions with her newest drop. ‘WUTF’ translates to a swanky acronym for Wokeuptoflexxx, an off balance sung-rap swarming with vulgar lines and detached feelings. Or in other words, big dick energy.

It’s clear to see why ears open up to her sound, some of which, include a series of EPs such as ‘Waeveybby Vol. 1’ and ‘Flightmode Vol. 4’. Manchester’s IAMDDB has grown a loyal following and closes the chapter with ‘SWERVVVVV.5’. ‘WUTF’ contrasts flamboyant soundwaves and postures a greyscale mosaic of gothic keys and hip drum patterns. It’s the same ol’ DDB, but it’s far from the usual.

Odunsi (The Engine) – Tipsy feat. Raye

It’s the day before the weekend and Odunsi has arrived with the Friday night selection to score a boozy and high-spirited experience. ‘Tipsy’ brings Nigeria’s rising singer-producer Odunsi and Raye together on an exotic production which features pop quirks and an authentic Afro-fusion presence.

Besides the bejewelled aesthetic of his debut album cover, rare., stole the show and brought to the forefront a cohesive body of work. Disco swings, soulful influences and raunchy R&B cuts submerged under the progressive Alté sonic drew a ripple of femme and star-crossed acts such as Hamzaa, duendita and DaVido. Produced by KNGBNJMN and Krs, ‘Tipsy’ features dainty, falsetto keys and symphonic strings tangled into kick-drum combos.  On the song they take turns sharing risqué back-and-forth swoons on this racy, rum-soaked love affair.

Buddy – Link Up feat. Ari Lennox, Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 and J.I.D

Buddy brings out a cast of talent with an ensemble feature track including the likes of Dreamville’s  Bas and J.I.D as well as the LA hailing singer and rapper Kent Jamz. ‘Link Up’ is a conundrum of sonics that includes a rough mash-up of instruments. Open your ears and you’ll hear a broad range of percussion and some background vocals belted by the Ville’s first lady Ari Lennox. It rings with the intrepid range of an ensemble jazz quintet, but it’s just a production pieced together by Flying Lotus and Thundercat. ‘Link Up’ features alongside three additional tracks; ‘Cubicle’ feat. 03 Greedo, ‘It’s Love’ and ‘Bad Attitude’ on the deluxe version of Harlan & Alondra.