5 For Friday: Kwaku Asante, Franc Moody & More

It’s been an exciting week for music and you can bet that’s going to be reflected in our 5 for Friday. This week’s selection features space-age soul from Kwaku Asante’s ‘Molasses’. Franc Moody impress us with their eclectic sound which will whisk you away on to the dance floor. We can go on, but we’d rather let the music speak for itself. Enjoy our latest weekly bunch of sounds below!

Kwaku Asante – Molasses

North West Londoner Kwaku Asante is racking up an onslaught of soft-billed R&B and soulfully distinct singles in his wake. However, this time, he presents us with a visual to the smooth single ‘Molasses’.

The loose string of singles can only point towards more music, but will it be enough to satiate the hunger of a gluttonous mass of fans. With such a distinct tenor tone, it’s absolutely a no brainer that ‘Molasses’ will have you wanting more. It mashes psychedelic rock with slow-burning soul and lulls you into a spaced out daze with twinkling chimes.

Majid Jordan – Superstar 

Toronto-based R&B duo Majid Jordan return with a new single ‘Superstar’, which follows on from their previous effort with Khalid. It’s an original cut which fuses their signature electro-pop sonic coated with buoyant R&B energy.

‘Superstar’ is an addictive single which boasts all the qualities of a modern-day love song without the overbearing pop qualities. Majid hooks us with his soaring vocals which slip idealistic lyricism into a luscious production. The drums strike up a bouncy rhythm with charming synths injected and crafted by the nimble hands of Jordan Ullman. We don’t know what to expect from the duo, but we’re sure to have this one of repeat.

Jaz Karis – Summer Story

South London singer Jaz Karis shares her brand new effort to ease us gracefully into the weekend with ‘Summer Story’. She takes us down a poignant route with an acoustic R&B offering and arrives at a melancholic hip-hop juncture.

Jaz Karis opts out of a promising romance and dodges cupid’s arrow on this mellow joint. We all know that love is a gamble, but ‘Summer Story’ finds Karis digging deep into our feelings. Produced by P2J, the sleek strums of guitar strings evoke an autumnal essence onto the beat which unfurls into a heavier soundscape dotted tight hi-hats and murky guitar strings.


Franc Moody – Terra Firma 

Franc Moody are on a mission and that is to disrupt the state of music with their offshore sound. ‘Terra Firma’ capture the spirit of 70s disco music and rework it into an eclectic fusion of funk and upbeat dance music.

Terra Firma’ launches you into a colorful fantasy with an assortment of sounds whizzing past your ears. It contains a smoky string section abreast a skippy drum pattern that drills a head bobbing groove. This one’s guaranteed to get you onto your feet and make your dance your weekend away.

Gucci Mane – Big Booty feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Following his campaign with Gucci, the southern trap aficionado drops a brand new single and enlists Megan Thee Stallion on ‘Big Booty’.

The duo hop on a bouncy beat patching nippy strings that sound straight out of a dirty western. Sharing their admiration for voluptuous bottoms, ‘Big Booty’ marks their first collaboration. The visual features dancers twerking as Gucci Mane and Megan Thee Stallion get down to business.