5 For Friday: Leven Kali, DOA, Bina & More

As we gear up towards what is going to be an early taste of summer this bank holiday weekend, we thought it would only be right to cater to the occasion with a bunch of sounds that zone in on the warm waves and good vibrations. This week’s 5 for Friday is filled with high-spirited tunes to sunbathe to and moody melodies to match the chilling atmosphere that comes at night. So sit back, press play and enjoy our latest selection below.

Leven Kali – Do U Wrong ft. Syd

Leven Kali sprung the summery audio to ‘Do U Wrong’ at the outset of the previous year, which features The Internet’s Syd cruising through the groovy ensemble. Together they star in the visual which lands just in time.

From the onset of this track, you will find yourself struck by a fold of acoustics and mild swoons filling the waves. In the corners of the ‘Do U Wrong’, a grand piano trudges along the production which wields big bass and aquatic licks which house Syd’s soft tones. Driving through the sunny shores of Los Angeles to ducking from feds under a swoop of palm trees, the duo concoct a buoyant track and strike a sweet spot over angelic harmonies. Just as the sun begins to make a return, ‘Do U Wrong’ arrives at a great time, so make it the score for your weekend.

Tulin – D & D

A relatively new voice from South London, Tulin is a singer-producer posting psychedelia into sonics composed of raw instruments and two-tone trills to a refreshing degree. She comes off the trail of her last release the Tulin EP with her newest track ‘D & D’.

When you listen to Tulin you open your ears to a vast array of sounds; from the plucker of harps to the lingering ambient of an early morning riddled with bird chirps and outdoor atmospherics. Tulin’s wisps of notes contain an inner message of mindfulness which are chanted over and over again like a monk in his sacred place. With drum beats stomping into the production, Tulin soft warbles ripple across the surface like a leaf gently surfing a placid pond.

Jords – Glide

A few weeks ago Jords shared a warm groove with the release of ‘Glide,’ a single which cuts a sleek sample and chops easy melodies into a catchy pattern. He re-ups on the resonating vibrations of his recent track with a brand new music video for your viewing pleasure.

Jords keeps our spirits high and cooks up a good feeling in a short space of time. He plays maestro on the boards and tantalises our eardrums over a melting pot of head jerking drum hits that dance around a snappy loop of riffs. In the visual Jords gives us an earnest performance surrounded by a lively bunch of dancers on the rooftop of a car park and even waxes a bop or two.

DOA – Think Of You

DOA is a singer who joins a small bubble of artists making redemptive R&B music and translating matters of the heart into sedated soundscapes. He releases his debut EP ‘The Journal’ and shares notes from his book with this 5 track solo-offering.

DOA finds a way to etch his notes into your mind with slow, gauzy croons and uses mid-tempo vibrations to satiate an empty heart. ‘Think Of You’ is a stripped-back affair which chronicles the remnants of a bleak relationship, while sharing feelings of being stuck-in that same old web of love. It’s a minimal composition built up with a brooding guitar scales that are interwoven into sheepish drums and honeyed lulls which sink gently into the medley. The best way to kick back and reflect is to do it over music to match the mood, so make this song your selection for those moments.

BINA – Summer Breeze (Remix) feat. KISH!

BINA is a up-and-coming singer coming from South London adding colour and breathing cosmic energy with her alternative take on R&B and Neo Soul. She drops off a brand new EP entitled ‘Humble Abode’, and enlists KISH! to join her on the remix.

BINA flows through a mellow tide of lulls and magical sounds which find her skipping through the an open meadow dotted with sunflowers. Her vocals usher in warm winds on a sunny day and harks back to a young Erykah Badu. She lays gentle verses and celebrates the mutual joy of freedom shared with a lover. On ‘Summer Breeze’ KISH! shows his character and waxes a deep hoarse verse which contrasts with the colourful vibrations of the single. Lift up your mood and enjoy the peaceful sensations of ‘Summer Breeze’ over the speakers for maximum pleasure.