5 For Friday: M Huncho, Steve Lacy, Lil Uzi Vert & More

The back and forth motions of Brexit have definitely left us all in a daze and riddled the four corners of the country with doubt. So we can take comfort in time, knowing that at this current moment there’s still something to cling on. With music we’re transported away from the gloom of the everyday, even if it’s just for a minute or so. You can relish in the comfort that follows once you press the play button. Take a dig at the pile of sounds we’ve stacked and enjoy a range of new music.

Steve Lacy – N Side 

The youngest member of The Internet spills his first solo release since his last project ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’. Steve emerges from the dark with a light offering called ’N Side’, which features the singer tilt towards the erotic axis of love.

Without holding much back, Steve Lacy gets straight to the point in this sensual yet euphoric cut. It plays like a conversation between two lovers canoodling together, but in the bigger picture Lacy is trying to figure out if his significant other is really on board. The thud of drum hits and summer strings operate like clockwork filling in the gaping holes of the production. It’s a special R&B number from the guitarist who engulfs your ears with warm notes which traverse the corners of the song. It’s guaranteed to make you feel some sort of vibe, but don’t get lost in the sweet sensations of this cut.

Russ x Tion Wayne – Keisha & Becky (Remix) ft. Aitch, JAY1, Sav’O & Swarmz 

Russ spun drill music on its head when he released ‘Gun Lean’ and made a catchy song out of a genre which isn’t particularly known for catchy hooks. ‘Keisha & Becky’ is a follow-up single which features Edmonton’s Tion Wayne tackle a drill set-up and bring a few new faces in for the remix.

‘Keisha & Becky’ isn’t exactly the first song a drill purist would run to, but it contains everything you would expect to hear in one. An intimidating beat pulsating with grim bass strikes and signature snare snaps which crackle over the production. The duo are joined by a roster of rappers such as Manchester’s Aitch as well as Jay1, Sav’O (of 1011) and Swarmz. However, Tion Wayne delivers a top quality verse which finds him wax off a new one on this joint track.

M Huncho – Ocho Cinco 

M Huncho just dropped his awaited mixtape ‘Utopia’, and to celebrate its release he follows through with a music video for the seventh track ‘Ocho Cinco.’

On ‘Ocho Cinco’ Huncholino, as Kenny Allstar says, shows his prowess on the field in which his team and another are pit against each other in a game of American football. He narrates his come up in the game and lays his sights on seizing the throne en route to the top. The production begins on a much more solemn note with his signature melodic raps floating above the skippy mash-up of bass and trap drums. ‘Ocho Cinco’ is a head nod to former NFL top dog Chad Johnson who went through brief stint as Chad Ocho Cinco during his career. But if anything you liken M Huncho’s current output to the latters his status and impact on the game.

Lil Uzi Vert – Sanguine Paradise

Lil Uzi Vert shocked his fans when he abruptly scrapped his follow-up album ‘Eternal Atake’ and announced his retirement from rap back in January. However, it seems like his break has been cut short following the release of two singles, one of which is titled ‘Sanguine Paradise.’

‘Sanguine Paradise’ begins with Lil Uzi racing against cascading keys lumped against the flurry of horns which he rips through with a rapid sequence of raps. Caught in the whirlwind of his uptempo delivery you’ll catch him drop a few tongue-in-cheek lines such as ‘in reality I’m 5’4, stand on my money I’m 6’6.’ It marks a return to the music after a gloomy period, but we couldn’t be anymore happy. Upon listening to ‘Sanguine Paradise’ it seems as if the rapper is back in his zone and ready to soundtrack our summer in good time.

Jessie Reyez – Imported feat. 6LACK

‘Imported’ features Atlanta’s 6LACK jump on Jessie Reyez’s mellow joint, a track where both artists trade delectable swoons over a slow roast of sleek sounds. It’s a gentle track with a heart-wrenching ideal which tackles the challenge of getting over an old flame.

The music video showcases the distance between 6LACK and Jessie Reyez, both of whom struggle with being in the present without reflecting on the past. On his ride around Los Angeles 6LACK struggles to shake the image of Jessie who he sees everywhere he goes. We reckon ‘Imported’ will pull on your heart strings with its poignant lyricism and moody atmosphere. So if you’re feeling emotional, you might want to proceed with caution.