5 For Friday: M Huncho, Vibbar, SL & More

As we approach the last lap and embrace the intoxicating joy that comes with the weekend. We feel like its only right to maximise that pleasure by dealing you a bunch of songs to be heard by your ears only. This week we feature some great new videos by some classy creatives making a mark with their output. Benjiflow’s ‘Jolene’ will most definitely grab your attention with its summery sensations, but so will the rest of the sounds we have waiting for you below.

Vibbar – Snapchat

The expansive music group hold a special place in the industry as one of the many acts bringing much needed flavour with their music. Like a box of package goods, each member can function as a solo unit or cluster under Vibbar. Jordy rumbles the melodic rap facade with his sound; while Pepstar dazzles with big, blasé conviction; but Poet’s tranquil raps are painted a shade of blue.

On ‘Snapchat’, taken from the group’s album cut ‘San Junipero’, Poet seizes the limelight with a monologue steeped with poetic grease. He reflects on the aftermath of his relationship out loud as his minds travels through flickers of intimacy, diving into the obvious brain-numbing arguments with sharp wordplay. “When I’m in love darg’, my sight’s gone like Sandra Bullock walking with a blindfold,” he raps with calculated pace. The visual which is directed by Andres swings between a couple basking in love and Poet freeing his mind as he cruises down the motorway.

Jeshi – Same Songs

Channel U was paramount to the music industry and, although, it is long gone from our TV screens its impact remains. The remnants of the on-air station trickled into the mind of a young Jeshi, whose free-flowing brand of rap is rocked by a voice characterised with a rough touch.

‘Same Songs’ is a trip embarked on by a rapper whose thoughts are plagued by old memories. An endless loop stamped with sentimental snapshots of a time that could make the bravest soul curl up into a fragile ball. Earmarked with bold, sluggish synths intersecting with steel-making drum beats, Jeshi makes a reality out of the feeling of isolation in the company of others, abreast a honeyed vocal on the soulful bridge. Helmed together by the creative duo Yout (Jeremy Ngatho Cole & Marcus Grey), ‘Same Songs’ is the latest single ahead of a confirmed EP, which is yet to receive a release date.

M Huncho – Indulge feat. D-Block Europe

Hot off the trail of his latest album ‘Huncholini The 1st’, M Huncho partners up with trap music merchants D-Block Europe on ‘Indulge.’ Following a blistering scold from the public post-Brit awards, the trio get right back on track in this bass-boosted rap cut teeming with flagrant lines cut over hazy rap sung tones.

Kicking off the score over a far eastern melody chiming in loosely in the midst of brazen 808s, M Huncho and Young Adz go back-to-back, applying much method to their madness. ‘Indulge’ follows the tried-and-tested rap formula, but unlike the usual it exhibits much character. “Drive through the hood with no tints, I ain’t leanin. See my old fiend and I stop just to greet him”, Huncholini brashly raps on the cut. It’s about time you watch the brand new visual for ‘Indulge’ and get your boost of energy before the madness ensues this weekend.

SL – Hit The Block feat. Pa Salieu

The youngest out of Croydon’s musical mecca, SL returns with a bold, head-bopping cut which demands to be put on your rotation. Enlisting the helping-hand of Pa Salieu, two of the freshest rappers to emerge in this era get to work on ‘Hit The Block.’

Expanding his musical palette hasn’t been much of a stretch for SL who hops on a dark, gritty production cooked up by Kwes Darko. From the misaligned image assembled on the single cover to the unfamiliar sonic ventured by the duo, ‘Hit The Block’ echoes with disruption which is embraced with subtle creativity. Ringing bells ricochet off heavy blasts of bass and thumping drums, Pa Salieu dabbles in drill with stern lyricism. With SL smooth-sailing through the cut with a skippy cadence, as the masked rapper raps circulate around serving the block and enjoying fellatio.

Benjiflow – Jolene

Benjiflow unravels a new sound which showcases a new side to his artistry with ‘Jolene.’ Following his steady release of singles, the multi-instrumentalist conjures up a zesty burst of flavour with this sun-drenched number in which he slips into his lover-boy guise.

‘Jolene’ is a tropical offering in which the North London musician dazzles us with his unique strain of R&B music. It infuses the ceremonial fever of calypso music and gently weaves blossoming synths and honeyed croons which will whisk you away to a balmy paradise. Put together by production duo Cozy (Sade & Mahaneela), who curate an aesthetically pleasing visual lumped with silhouettes, peach coloured sunsets and a dazzling dance number.