5 For Friday: MXXWLL, Oscar #Worldpeace, M1llionz & More

Midway into April and after a swathe of sunshine lightened up the mood of a nation, it’s time to let it rain. This week you’re in for a surprise with a handful of songs for your ears only. Some sounds from the cultural pot that we call music consists of a day in the life raps and joints that’ll have you bouncing to the bump and groove of a troika of talent. So in less than formal fashion, go ahead and get your fix of this weeks 5 for Friday.

MXXWLL – Light Turn Green feat. John Givez, Rae Khalil, Carrtoons 

The only important thing to do after listening to a new joint is to play it on a drive. The musical nomad MXXWLL returns to impress listeners with his g-funk inspired sonic in tandem with John Givez, Rae Khalil and Carrtoons. On this joint, John Givez chronicles an average day on this snazzy funk outfit brimming with flavour.

The perfect accompaniment to an easy Friday afternoon in the sun, MXXWLL curates a soundscape which is intricately made up of cloud-gazing chords and fragrant horns. ‘Light Turn Green’ caresses your soul into a reverie as John Givez lets you into an episode of his life. Outdoor sounds bring the track to life by mimicking the ambience of the high-street while we cruise with Rae Khalil who gifts us with a mantra packaged chorus. Her tender croons find her glossing over the paper chase with self-affirmation as the production melts into a trippy finish.

Laolu – Indulge

It’s so easy to succumb to the feelings that you once found in someone. On lockdown, the urge to hit up your old fling or ex is strong and rather familiar. South East London songstress Laolu gets into ample shape on this riveting R&B offering, which receives a slick visual treatment.

The singer’s soft-sung vocals leave a sweet trail in the air as sharp shrills and sweeping piano keys stir up a smooth medley. ‘Indulge’ is filled with the type of frustration that can only be fed by a fetish. Her recreational take on infatuation is put into context through the lens of an addict whose self-restraint amounts to naught. “Just give me a fix all I need is a taste”, she sings in a slow sweep over a deep bassline. This one’s for the lovers in need of a deep release, proceed with caution.

Oscar #Worldpeace – Mmm feat. Ragz Originale and Benjiflow

Oscar #Worldpeace serves up an appetiser ahead of his forthcoming album, ‘Sporadic’, alongside the Mini Kings cohort with ‘Mmm’. The minimal production connects the trio in a cypher-esque cut stamped with a hook that’ll have you blurting out the golden ad lib.

As much as rappers pride themselves on their lyrical ability, it has become apparent that listeners nowadays are fixed on the sonic as a whole. Bearing this sentiment, Oscar #Worldpeace finds loopholes on the E-Whizz and Ragz Originale co-production and brandishes a slick delivery over the drum-led cut. Oscar #Worldpeace booming “mmm’s” blends into the hollow layer of the production as Ragz Originale risqué verse finds him floating with danger, and Benjiflow cutting up a cocky verse which proves he can bar out along with his peers.

Scribz Riley – East Side

Scribz Riley puts his ends on his back in this befitting ode to the ‘East Side’, an audible diary noting his experiences over a rolling guitar melody. The singer-producer is a 2x Grammy award winner with credits on some of the biggest artists such as Cardi B, H.E.R & Khalid. Riley’s metamorphic rise began in the era of Grime as a MC, turned producer, and now he flexes his warm vocal tones as a full-fledged artist on his brand new song.

“I’m from the East Side,” Riley confesses over heavenly guitar strums. Minimal by nature, the score is fixed with ad libs smoothed over by reverb and sporadic wails in the background. He conjures up some nostalgia with timely references to sounds from the early 2000s, citing So Solid Crew’s ’21 seconds’. ‘East Side’ is an artistic reflection, a multifaceted score blending the soft shrills of spring and the nitty gritty of the high-rise flats. Savannah Setten directs the visual taking it beyond a moment of brilliance. We’d spill all the beans but we’d rather you take it in for yourself.

M1llionz – Y Pree

As the drill sonic swings between New York and London, Brum rapper M1llionz places himself in the spotlight with ‘Y Pree’. Off the back of ‘HDC’, the upcoming drill rapper continues to build on his wave on this menacing rap cut, shot out in Jamaica.

The opening keys fade into a haze and return with a ghoulish piano rhythm playing in clockwork motion. M1llionz whips together a hawk-eyed cut in which he flexes his stylistic cadence on the Hargo production. Once the momentum builds up, M1llionz moment of glory arrives on the switch-up where the production evolves into an orchestrated frenzy laced with dancehall inflections. ‘Y Pree’ moderately amends the cliché of drill and takes it down a new avenue in the final minute.