5 For Friday: Nines, Frosty, Bree Runway & More

It sure does feel like summer is coming to an end as we trail through the last few weeks of August. This week we provide you a bunch of songs for you to delve into this weekend. Nines keeps the hype going with a brand-new video, ‘Airplane Mode’, alongside NSG to tease the arrival of his next album Crabs In A Bucket. Take a deep dive in the latest songs and music videos of the week with our 5 for Friday.


Nines – Airplane Mode feat. NSG

It’s impossible to get used to the quality that Nines delivers with his music as soon as he makes a big statement he ups the levels with the quality of his music. ‘Airplane Mode’ is a suit and tie affair in which Nines and NSG mark their first collaborative effort in jet-setting style.

Nines and the NSG cohort coast in ‘Airplane Mode’ which is filled with synth-infused interpolations and woozy keys leaning towards west coast funk. OGD takes hook duty and takes off with blasé lines while Nines works through raw, percussive strikes and drops opulent rhymes which explore his philosophy. ‘Airplane Mode’ is a chilled-out vibration moulding rap with afrobeats aficionados on which they explore heavenly locations and dabble in fragrant flavours. 


Frosty – Happy Hour

Returning in good form, Frosty shares his latest single ‘Happy Hour’ which finds the rapper link up with Kazza on a minimal drill production paired with the pied piper’s melody.

Beyond his laid-back exterior, Frosty’s rap lines are filled with imagery that pop-up in your mind. With picturesque references that draw distinctions, between his mouth piece and an ice-cold slushy, slung over moody strings suitable for a horror flick. He pulls strings like a mastermind behind a chess board and boasts his business acumen on ‘Happy Hour’ which blends the contrasting tones of a flute with distorted 808s. The ‘Happy Hour’ visual features Frosty and his circle posted outside the store amongst other locations for a late night shoot directed by Chauffeur for your viewing pleasure. 


Bree Runway – Gucci

It’s a shame that clubs are still shut down because Bree Runway’s ‘Gucci’ is a smashing song that belongs on the dance floor. Bree Runway flies the flag for the UK in this diplomatic affair featuring stateside rapper Malibu Miitch.

‘Gucci’ boast extravagant vocals and organised sonics ranging from snowballing 808s and catchy drums to ascending piano keys and accentuated claps. Bree Runway treads through the Moon Willis’ production with silky delivery and wax lyrical on her lavish lifestyle as she recounts nights twerking in the Marriott. The production shifts into a drag ball as Malibu Mitch expands on her taste for high-fashion abreast crashing cymbals. The black-and-white visual is a stylish visual operation which resembles a full-blown fashion advert and borders on a choreographed number from the multi-talented singer. 


TOBi & Juls – Dollas & Cents

TOBi links up with production wiz Juls on the smooth sensations of ‘Dollas & Cents’ which makes for optimal listening with its brevity.  

‘Dollas & Cents’ features TOBi unleashing his smokey and sophisticated voice on an equally enticing production complimenting the wordsmith’s intelligible lines. The minimal soundscape features grovelling hand-plucked strings and contains strong elements of afrobeats sparked by shakers and habitual hand-drums teasing a subtle groove. At one moment he raps, ‘the gatekeepers changing the locks, we ain’t in the building but I know how to break in the house.’ On the record TOBi prides himself on his sound and outlines his unstoppable rise to the top with permanence likeable to Pacquiao so with that being said – be prepared to witness his ascent to the top.

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – Tidal Wave

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes continue with their wave of animated visuals depicting sound tracks taken from their collaborative album What Kinda Music. On ‘Tidal Wave’ the duo conjure up a soothing sonic for listeners to unwind to in a sunny night time atmosphere.

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes curtail the grandiose sound structure of old school jazz fitting emblazoned drum play and electric guitar strums oozing with the blues. ‘Tidal Wave’ makes the unorthodox sound palatable through subtle percussion and a warm melody backed by a wave of calming notes. The visual revolves around a man and woman caught at the beach with an emphasis placed on the horde of objects and litter swept away at sea, thus, placing an awareness on our relationship with nature through the creative workings of Jack Brown.