5 For Friday On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers in all of its different forms. Our love language is music so you can bet we’ve got your back with a steady supply of songs for your ears. Whether you’re cozying up with a special person, enjoying your own company or indulging in copious amount of cocktails. Go ahead, take your pick and indulge in some audible joy, or comfort.

Larry June – Smoothies In 1991

You cannot question this rapper’s work rate when it comes to music. Larry June sits amongst the ranks of Curren$y and Lil Wayne, most notably known for popping music at the same rate as breeding rabbits. The Bay Area native ran through 5 projects in 2019; from Early Bird – Product of the Dope Game, separate timelines pumping OG samples and superfly cuts for pimps only.

Larry June finds the right balance between the past and the present on ‘Smoothies In 1991,’ a thrilling glimpse into the fast life of a rising rapper. Sedated guitar grooves cruise through a dreamy sample of Rose Royce’s ‘Wishing On a Star,’ and Larry June maintains a cool vibe. Cruising around town in his low-rider, Creating Paradi$e whisks us away to sunny San Fransisco with a warm touch.

Ragz Originale – Jennifer

Ragz Originale rewrites the laws of R&B and scraps the oblique love songs of yesterday. He finds himself penning a direct ode to ‘Jennifer’ in which he argues his case on a futuristic, slow-burning soundscape. The Tottenham-hailing artist cruises through the milky way on his spaceship and earnestly sings over a backdrop of hums.

‘Jennifer’ fits intergalactic guitars strums and cosmic chords together, evoking a woozy mood charged by Ragz and co-producers Narx and Mansur Brown. Set in a studio space, the artist takes to the mic and serenades his lucky lady while his cohort post up with some liquor. Prepare yourself for some more incoming magic from Ragz Originale with his ‘txt ur x’ EP scheduled for 6th March release.

Etta Bond & Raf Riley – Not Ur GF

The chemistry between songstress Etta Bond and Raf Riley is undeniable, and as you’ll expect the limits are boundless for the duo. ‘Not Ur GF’ comes as a big surprise on Valentine’s Day in which our songstress would rather duck away from the locks of love.

Etta Bond light tones are stellar on the buoyant bassline which oozes with an infectious rhythm that is sure to get you on your feet. Raf Riley employs a wacky concoction of flutes and electronic claps to weave together an alternative R&B cut. The decisive singer shatters all hopes of a romance with her soft yet firm declaration of independence. The visual mirrors extends Etta’s message and showcases our singer trying her best to avoid an obsessive lover at all costs.

Tiana Blake – Cut Ties

A promising debut from Tiana Blake who proves that logic will forever be absent when one is in love. The south-east London raised singer hits the ball out of the park with her nostalgic R&B number ‘Cut Ties.’ Vices take a number of different forms and on this record Tiana’s kryptonite just happens to be her lover who she can’t seem to shake off.

Sultry guitar strings work an unforgettable pattern around a slick drum beat interspersed with shakers, which form the core of this love song. With multiple moments of introspection Tiana’s vocal prowess is polished by wispy riffs and luscious tones Tiana’s vocal reign supreme over the production cooked up by Jamal Woon and Rashaan Brown. The songstress seeks to empower women by advocating independence. If ‘Cut Ties’ is indicative of anything, it’s that there is so much more to come from the starlet.

Gallant – Sweet Insomnia feat. 6LACK

As sweet as love can be, it often leaves a bitter taste in its wake. Gallant gives us a darker picture of love especially and draws on East Atlanta’s 6LACK to shed some light with a music video for ‘Sweet Insomnia.’ The restlessness which riddles our singer is translated into a minimal production on which his rousing falsetto takes centre stage.

Featuring direction from Cameron Dean, the visual drills further into Gallant’s narrative and places the restless singer under bright hues. 6LACK calming rap sung lines double down on the sobering song and finds him riddled with thoughts of an old lover.