5 for Friday: Rick Ross, Stormzy, Wale & More

Riding off the high of an exciting weekend means nothing if you haven’t got some new songs in rotation. Whether you’re about to step out or have a chilled-out weekend indoors, this weekend’s 5 for Friday is bound to contain something you’re looking for. Set the mood right and help yourself to some of the new sounds below.

Wale – 09 Folarin

DMV native Wale surprises us with a jazzy output entitled ’09 Folarin’, which is the third track to drop from the rapper in the space of three weeks. Following his two previous tracks ‘Gemini’ and ‘Daylight,’ Wale reunites with BKS to bar out.

Wale smashes the nostalgia button and devours ’09 Folarin’ in a lyrical state of ferocity. It feels like you’re watching a live band work their magic on stage with showtime horns and uptown percussion teasing a snappy rhythm. Locking punchy bars upon bars, Wale lumps a handful of subjects but his verses are filled with wordplay that nerdy raps fans will revel in.

Stormzy – Crown

Stormzy drops a spectacle that is worth a watch with his newly released song ‘Crown’, which is the second single from his untitled upcoming album. Following ‘Vossi Bop’, he jumps on a choral mash-up blending gospel and candid raps.

On the road to Glastonbury, Stormzy has rightfully found himself in the midst of the masses with his new release. On ‘Crown’, he smites the doubters and spotlights moments of his career, citing his daring performances at the Brits over poignant keys and percussion dotted with funky guitar licks. The visual showcases Stormzy centre stage in a chapel with a choir and pianist scoring the spiritual joint with precision.

El. Train – All The Time feat. Javeon

Producer El. Train hails from Brighton and shares a warm, heart-tingling offering with ‘All The Time,’ which sits on his newly released debut album ‘Puzzles’. He recruits the Bristolian Javeon to tackle a slow, distorted R&B sonic oozing with sensual lyricism.

Listening to ‘All The Time’ feels like a peaceful stroll into a field of glowing sunflowers and with each step it consumes you further with alluring vocals and foreign sounds. El. Train propels your ears with reverse loops and choppy drum beats interspersed between spacey chimes. Javeon slings wisp and tenderly notes that flows gently against a thick slew of sonics.

Rick Ross – Act A Fool feat. Wale

Rick Ross announced his return with a photo on Instagram alluding to his forthcoming album ‘Port Of Miami 2’. The first cut from his next album is titled ‘Act A Fool’ and features fellow Maybach Music Group member Wale.

‘Act A Fool’ is an aptly titled track with Rick Ross jumping on a raging production pumped with sleek drum patterns and 808s lodged into the cracks. Rick Ross dishes braggadocios raps on a golden plate and intrigues with an offhanded cadence. “Thought it was Obama, way I came through,” he raps with the smug kind of confidence you’d expect from a head honcho. Wale seals the rapid offering with a special very to mark the rebirth of MMG and continues on his hot streak.

Cheryll – Part-Time

Upcoming R&B singer Cheryll left a lasting impression with her seductive single ‘Calling You’, and now she follows up from the latter with ‘Part-Time’, a cautionary tale bursting with golden R&B vibrations.

‘Part-Time’ finds our singer glaze honeyed vocals over a ‘00s inspired cut filled with R&B intricacies and sensual grooves. Cheryll croons find her skipping through a loop of electric guitar strums, charming her way through a tasteful drum pattern in hopes of ending up with the right guy. She radiates feel good energy and finds a way to translate her raw feelings into lucid lyrics that will pull on up your heart strings.