5 For Friday: Roddy Ricch, Ego Ella May & More

We’re gearing up towards the end of the week and providing you with the soundtracks to amplify your weekend high. A new addition from Morgan who shares her debut single entitled ‘My Year’ in which she showcases her vocal prowess.

Flyo x Stella Santana x Jesse James Solomon – In The Mood

The 90s saw PayDay records launch the careers of multiple rappers and etch their footprints in Hip-Hop. With the likes of Jay-Z, Mos Def and Guru representing the label in the past, PayDay has undergone a re-launch with an international agenda. The second coming includes Yung Fume and producer Flyo who whips together a drowsy vibration, featuring Stella Santana & Jesse James.

A stone throw from the past, ‘In The Mood’ shrugs off the throes of Hip-Hop in favour of a spacey love saga. Stella Sanatana’s lean vocals slithers across twinkling bells and acute keys, her willowy notes fire like a flare as she seduces her lover. Jesse James mellow brand of rap is a great match for Flyo’s woozy production, with Jesse slipping into his playboy persona on each thump.

Pongo – Uwa

As much as language is a barrier to communication, music is a language which we can decipher through sensations. The Angolan-Portuguese singer hits us with an upbeat dance number entitled ‘Uwa’.

On ‘Uwa’, Pongo merges the zippy energy from the bowels of Kuduro music and her dynamic cadence in tune with Raphael D’Hervez high-octane production. With high-spirit and a bundle of good energy she whips listeners into an energetic frenzy. Pongo exhibits the finer sides of her culture with dancers stealing the limelight with their vivacious choreography.

Roddy Ricch – The Box

Roddy Ricch ended 2019 with his debut album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial and scored a smash hit with ‘The Box’. If the success of this record proves anything it’s that Hip-Hop reigns supreme in the charts. With the young trap crooner foiling Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez attempts at No.1, having peaked on Billboard’s Hot 100 Roddy Ricch drops the highly-anticipated visual, below.

Boisterous horns initiate listeners into ‘The Box’ which is powered by staunch, ghoulish keys and the rapper’s indelible beep clocking on like machinery. The Compton native raps brings his raps to life, re-imagining the iconic Vince Carter slum dunk of the early 2000s. Roddy Ricch extends his talents and directs the footage alongside Christian Breslauer who make a formidable partnership where different worlds clash.

Morgan – My Year

As much as 2020 has taken most of us by surprise it has brought about some pleasant things with it. The Major Tom’s signee Morgan stakes her claim to the new year with ‘My Year,’ a rousing debut in which she engrosses listeners with her electronic fusion of R&B.

Morgan sets herself up for the occasion and flaunts her sharp vocals over shifting keys. Arriving at a cornerstone, she’s hit with an epiphany in which she sheds some bad energy away and valiantly steps into her true self. ‘My Year’ embodies the less is more ethos and piles brisk horns atop an austere atmosphere lightly dotted with drums.

Ego Ella May – How Long ’Til We’re Home

Ego Ella May gears up for the release of her incoming debut album Honey For Wounds, sharing a new single entitled ‘How Long ’Til We’re Home’. She weaves esteemed jazzy sonics and a soulful essence into an intricate web with her luscious vocals containing pearls of wisdom locked into a clam.

Ego Ella May whisks you away on a gentle wave, projecting delicate tones over a calming drum beat and sun-drenched strings comparable to a summer stroll in the park. She works through Sam Posener’s live production with the gentle stroke of a renaissance painter, weaving deep harmonies alongside nifty guitar strings. On ‘How Long ’Til We’re Home’ Ego Ella May walks in the shoes of a nomad with no place to call home. The offering makes us question what home means to people in its various forms.