5 For Friday: Sam Wise, M Huncho, Franc Moody & More

Bringing back another round of sounds and music videos to run through this weekend. Our 5 for Friday includes some of the finest production you’ll hear from the Wilma Archer, who links up with MF DOOM for a chilling tale told through the sharp tongue of a legendary figure. Fred Fredas makes his debut on this week’s line-up with ‘Cameras’, a cinematic cut brought to life through introspection. We can run through each cut, but we’d rather let you make up your own mind. So go down below and fix your eyes on some noteworthy cuts.

Fred Fredas – Cameras

If you stand in the mirror you would catch a reflection of yourself, but is it a true reflection of you? Fred Fredas delivers a thought provoking song entitled ‘Cameras’, and if mirrors aren’t completely accurate then the subject on our screen must be a figment of our desires. Cutting back on the philosophical chatter, ‘Camera’ is a grand entry into 2020 from the rapper who taps into a social reality.

The ringing tone barks up like an alarm snapping you out of deep rest, it’s almost inescapable but it functions like a wake-up call for listeners. Fredas can see through the facade and his onslaught of words spark vivid imagery which grip you like a cliffhanger. ‘Cameras’ boasts magnificent qualities with a hook evoking a pleasing symphony straight out of Royal Albert Hall. The Speech and Jayke Beatz plays like a cinematic score, circulating with free-flowing synths, slow-burning strings which amplify the message. Fred Fredas touches on harsh truths without sounding pompous and plays the role of a messenger with nothing but good intentions. Watch the short music video below and take in message for yourself.

Franc Moody – Skin On Skin 

Franc Moody inject a whole load of energy into the week with a colorful, funk-laden drop ‘Skin On Skin’. When it comes down to chasing love there comes a time where you’ve got to risk it all to secure your prize. ‘Skin On Skin’ is a plain-spoken confession plastered over complex instrumentals and uptempo disco, containing lively drum beats, smooth claps and major scale keys.

Gearing towards the release of their forthcoming album ‘Dream In Colour’, the free-spirited outfit unload on dopamine and create sunny vibes that radiate in the midst of winter. The production morphs between tangy bassline grooves intertwined with shooting synths beaming in like flashing lights. Love is at the forefront of ‘Skin On Skin but at the core lies chemistry, not the kind of chemistry you can spark with clichés. Chemical equations, erotic flavour and raw feelings are the ingredients that make this an intriguing sonic to vibe out to.

M Huncho – Pee Pee

Until you sit back and reflect on your past you will never truly appreciate how far you’ve come on your journey. M Huncho has risen amongst the ranks and on his latest mixtape ‘Huncholini The 1st’ he’s goes full-throttle with his vision. ‘Pee Pee’ is an oddly titled track, but it’s bursting with flavour and style that shows the true extent of his trap-wave sonic.

M Huncho locks your ears in with his blend of melodic raps on ADP’s exotic production, piping up with flamenco guitar strings and vigorous bass blasting through the score. ‘Pee Pee’ is a memoir being drawn by Huncholini’s pen with each second detailing events and thoughts noting the lifestyle of a masked rapper. Cruising off in a sports car, we’re stuck wondering how he’s coping under the sun’s rays. I guess, you can take a man out of the ends, but you can’t take the ends of out a man. Catch the visual below,  take in his story and listen to his latest drop.

Sam Wise – Loophole

In this current climate, the art of making music has become one race to drop a new hit. In other words, there’s a bunch of fast food music flowing through the pipeline and artists are stretching their creativity to satisfy an endless appetite. The case, however, seems to be different for Sam Wise who shares the visual to ‘Loophole’, a music video he sat on for roughly 2 years before its release.

The House of Pharaohs rapper earnestly doubles down on the energy and shares an earnest offering of his thoughts on the pensive production. Clocking in under 3 minutes, it sits on his latest EP ‘Sorry You Were Saying’, and features Kadiata working his magic on the soundboard. Minimal production that packs a punch with stargazing keys and scrambling tones in the fold of glum quakes. We join Sam Wise as he works his way through the matrix, and scrambles through his brain with futile attempts to shake off his regrets. Delphino Production is the mastermind behind the moody black and white animation, which is a fitting interpretation of the track.

Wilma Archer – Last Sniff feat. MF DOOM

Northbound multi-instrumentalist and producer Wilma Archer links up with the Metal Face villain DOOM and brings the slumbering giant out his slumber. Over two decades in the music industry, the elusive rapper-producer shows he doesn’t waver and rolls out his word with poetic charm on the ominous beat.

The ‘Last Sniff’ plays like a classical music piece but borders blaxploitation sensibilities of the ‘70s. It’s testament to Wilma Archer’s knack for cooking up genre-bending sonics which an old head and a young buck could share in. A string section brimming with ceremonial violins morphing into brooding bass strums rocking with a wicked tinge. In this cautionary tale, dodgy police and drug dealers are the subject of DOOM’s dark reality which resembles Hell’s Kitchen.Watch the story unfold in the adult swim-esque animation created by Jesse Collet.