5 for Friday: Snoh Aalegra, Baby Rose, Amaarae & More

We welcome the weekend and kick things off with our latest 5 for Friday featuring some of the newest songs and videos. Frosty makes his debut on the five and crowns himself the ‘Super Trapper’. Snoh Aalegra returns with her first single, following on from her acclaimed studio album – ugh, those feels again, teasing us with ‘Dying 4 Your Love’. This Friday is jam packed with plenty of songs for you to enjoy, but how about you start with our 5 for Friday.

Amaarae – Leave Me Alone

Silky vocals and warm textures make for a soothing listen on Amaarae’s ‘Leave Me Alone’. On the luscious cut the multi-talented singer directs your ears to the clouds and urges you to keep your mind at ease.

Amaarae is initiated into the score by a divine guitar melody and paltry African drums, and proceeds to question the frivolity of words. The rapid nature of life can be our worst enemy as we sacrifice our mental to keep up with daily occurrences. Amaarae’s guilt-free lyricism is further lifted by her angelic tone which splinter into slick lines on the latter half of the Afro-infused production by Kuzie & KZDIDIT. Choosing to conserve her energy and space on the title track she taps into the healing components of music and encourages you, too.

Tiwa Savage – Dangerous Love

Tiwa Savage’s talent is undeniable and on her latest release she tangles with the allure of love. ‘Dangerous Love’ is a contagious operation which reimagines toned-down jazz on a mid-tempo Afrobeats ensemble.

Isolated notes hover in the opening sequence like diligent bees buzzing across a field of flowers. Curated from top-to-bottom with a delectable bass line and low-slung vocals, Tiwa Savage finds herself enamoured in a love affair so deep that she cannot resist it. ‘Dangerous Love’ sweeps you in an unshakable groove blending fine-drawn vocals swerving amidst Afro-inspired drum patterns. Love is a dangerous affair, but listening to this is a guaranteed to lift your mood.


Baby Rose – Marmot

Baby Rose delivers a slow-burner in the form of a romantic cut entitled ‘Marmot’ which is one of five tracks from her newly released project: ‘Golden Hour’.

Heartbreak hits twice as hard when you’re caught up in your feelings, and Baby Rose’s ‘Mormot’ is the perfect accompaniment for those moments. Smothering your ears with trailing warbles and poignant lyricism on this R&B outfit which speaks to the pain that comes with being at the receiving end of an unrequited love. Timothy Maxey and Insightful create a contemporary ballad which is dotted with minimal but heavy drums and curtailed piano keys. In spite of the deep matter ‘Marmot’ manages to emerge with a beautiful take on heartbreak.


Snoh Aalegra – Dying 4 Your Love

Snoh Aalegra returns with a new song for the lovers on ‘Dying 4 Your Love,’ a song on which she notably sets the agenda on the captivating production by South-London producer P2J & JVM.

The peal of piano keys enmeshed aside smoky guitar play sets the mood for Snoh Aalegra’s sultry appeal. She attempts to make sense of her reality and poses cutting questions to the deep  groove cranking out a hypnotic wave. ‘Dying 4 Your Love’ is a smooth orchestration casting Snoh Aalegra’s mesmerising vocals especially on the mid-section in which her trust is shattered further by disappointment in what seems to be a failed romantic affair. From the subtle shift in this souled-out score to the encompassing elements of the cut ‘Dying 4 Your Love’ is a fitting return from the songstress.

Frosty – Super Trapper

It’s strictly a business affair on Frosty’s latest release ‘Super Trapper’ which comes with a visual on which he solidifies his status as top-tier merchant.

Frosty hops on a minimal set-up pumped with heavy-hitting drums and bobbing bells spouting rap lines delivered with poise. Slugging gritty lyrics on a drill production, which finds him bring the trap to life with raw wordplay. ‘Super Trapper’ is a fitting label for the fresh rap talent whose diligent attitude and collected delivery make for an easy listen. In his latest visual, Frosty posts up in a dark and grungy setting where he delivers his raps with ease.