5 For Friday: Yxng Bane, slowthai, Kara Marni & More

Plus bangers from Suspect and IAMDDB

Another week to go, before our clocks roll forward and we officially lurch out of the winter season and into British Summer Time (BST) gifting us with a few more daylight hours. Till then we’ve pulled together a selection that’ll have you looking towards the North Nights courtesy of slowthai, we’ll throw you a Curve with sounds of yesteryear, then get you to put that key into the ignition and go Vroom. After that all you gotta do is take that whip and go One Way, till all you’ve can really end with is Oooo. 

slowthai – North Nights

Recent videos/singles from Northampton rapper slowthai forego the spiky timbres of his latest project ‘I Wish I Knew’ in favour of smoother, street indebted productions like ‘TN Biscuits’, a re-release from last year’s debut EP ‘slowitdownnn’, or ‘North Nights’ which for purposes of this writing is brand spanking new. None of his natural nihilism is lost, but pushing these tunes should help pull the abrasive lyricist towards the questionable if quantifiable urban tag, while losing none of the punk appeal that has certain corners of the internet giddy to reimagine him as grindie all over again.

The arty video for ‘North Nights’ premiered on I.D. Magazine (see what I’m saying) earlier this week, and see’s slowthai paying homage to a number of classic horror flicks, including A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and what I think is early noughties brit cult-classic Donkey Punch (watch it). Kwes Darko’s snaking, spaghetti western instrumental is sure to turn heads, but it’s slowthai’s rapping off the beaten path, stumbling through rhyme schemes with a scatty almost crackish abandon which make him the star of the show and such an interesting MC. The first bars on the track are about bumping cabs to the point of getting blacklisted and things only get more detestable/relatable from there. slowthai makes being a ratbag sound like one the best lifestyle choices going, and in turn it’s making him sound like one of the best rappers in the country.

by Vonpif


Yxng Bane – Vroom

Yxng Bane is back and tapping into #SalutSeason with Team Salut bringing their production prowess to deliver another certified banger with ‘Vroom’. Bane dropped the surprise video while simultaneously cruising around stateside for SxSW. With that key in the ignition, Bane is about to get everyone going Vroom in his visual that features not 1 but 5 versions of the man himself filmed at Print Works in London.


Kara Marni – Curve 

Kara Marni reveals the follow up single to her debut release ‘Golden’, a dynamic reimagining of Dusty Springfield’s classic ‘Spooky’ titled ‘Curve’. Tapping into her inspirations, Kara Marni delivers a new take on modern R’n’B with her understated vocal on the right side of sultry. Directed by Sophia+Robert, the visual plays on seminal motifs of the Springfield era, lending style to proceedings while 19 year old Kara Marni flexes both her vocal range and, in the spirit of the track, her ability to curve; taking up yoga positions with care free whimsy. “I’m so excited to be releasing my video for ‘Curve.” Kara says of her new visual release, “to compliment the throwback sonic of the song & to continue the theme from ‘Golden’ I wanted it to be shot on film again, and as another dimension – for the clothing to be retro! Hope you like it!”

Suspect ft Skepta & Jesse Solomon – One Way

Suspect has been picking up the pace in preparation for his forthcoming album on Rinse. Dropping the 3rd video from the project, ‘One Way’ sees Suspect link up with Skepta one again and Jesse James Solomon comes along for the ride. The hard as nails MC follows up his last excursion, ‘Say It With Your Chest’ and switches it up heading down the “Wrong way, down a one way”. With a delivery that’s reminiscent at times of the scrawly southern scream of Lil Jon (if you recognise you know), Suspect goes back to back with Jesse James Solomon and Skepta with verses that’ll keep you head-nodding over a repetitive hook.



If she isn’t keeping you totally enthralled with her online hammering of music industry politicking, than IAMDDB is maintaining her visual assault with yet more visuals from her EP ‘Hoodrich Vol.3’. ‘Oooo’ arrives just in time to heat up anticipation for IAMDDB’s 4-part headline debut UK Tour #FlightmodeLive. The tour will hit 4 UK cities in the UK from Bristol, Birmingham to Manchester and London with each show themed to a different mood. With a prescribed dress code, fans will be joining IAMDDB in a full immersive visual and audio experience.