50 Shades Of Ye’

Jay said if you want his old albums, that you should ‘buy his old albums,” and we did.

Some of us bought several copies. We brainwashed our friends and fam. In some cases indoctrinated our kids with the psalms of Hov and it still wasn’t enough. As fans we still demand more classic Jay. Reasonable Jay, Dynasty Jay, or Blueprint Jay, but for Ye’ it’s a bit more complicated.

There are many shades of Ye’. Too many shades and styles to keep a significant number of fans happy or content at the same time. Artists change, switch up their style, and try to diversify into other areas, but few have had as many different sounds or looks as Ye’ has. I’ve witnessed a few, some bigger than others, some more UK centric….

‘Get Well Soon’ Ye’.
‘The Bounce’ no credited verse Ye’.
Mixshow Power sumit 03 Ye’
Dame & Biggs in London Ye’.
1xtra Ye’.
College Dropout Ye’
London Ye’.
Deal Real Ye’.
Late Registration Ye’.
Humble Ye’.
Ranting Ye’.
Live at Abbey Road studio Ye’.
100 gold girls at the Brits Ye’.
Shout me out at the Brits 2 times Ye’.
‘George doesn’t like black people’ Ye.
Cant tell me nothing Ye’.
Hipster Ye’.
Fashion Ye’
Louis V Ye’.
Glow in the Dark Ye’.
Shutter shade Ye.
Murakami Ye’.
CRS Ye’.
Myspace Ye’.
Kanyewest.com Ye’.
Cant tell me nothing Ye’.
Epic freestyle with Nas, Mos, De La, etc Ye’.
Big brother Ye’.
50 vs Ye’.
‘Rihanna is the best thing that…..’ Ye’.
Yeezy 1 Ye’.
Love Lock Down Ye’.
Supernova Ye’.
Good Friday Ye’.
Good Music 2.0 Ye’.
Taylor Swift Ye’.
Runaway Ye’.
Monster Ye’.
Yeezy 2 Ye’.
‘you dont have the answers’ Ye’.
Grammy Ye’.
Fuck the Grammys Ye’.
Watch The Throne Ye’.
Yeezus Ye’.
Leather Joggers Ye’.
BBK/Good Music Ye’.
Yeezy 3 Ye’.

Each song, album, show, shoe, or clothing range is different. Kanye isn’t like other rappers or other artists. He has unlimited depth which constantly spews amazing music, innovative fashion, legendary rants/sermons, unrepeatable moments. By the time you’ve bought the albums or got the clothes and got comfortable, he is taking you somewhere else. Thats actually the gift and the curse for regular people because they cant keep up.

How many times have you argued with your friends about the creative merit of ‘808s & Heartbreak’? How many times have you told people that you “didn’t get” ‘Yeezus’? You hated ‘Facts’, Some rappers were pretty vocal about how they felt.

Michael Jordan’s son wasn’t impressed….

But you went out of your way to to listen to it, voiced your verdict, and in 3 months time you will be standing on couches in the club, trap dancing to it like Ye’ or Sean in the ‘Mercy’ video. For the record Bryson Tiller is the only person I know that actually likes ‘Facts’

You have an opinion on Kanye’s work, you feel a need to give a shit and state your opinion. You may love him, you may not like his change in directions. You may hate him for his ‘confidence’, but last year you were on ebay looking for a pair of Yeezys that you could afford. You adore Drake, the Weeknd, Frank Ocean who were all influenced by Kanye’s work at some point.

So here we are on the eve of what will be another dope album and I’m nervous because ‘Real Friends’ is what I expect from Ye’, it’s what I want. but it isn’t going to pop off in the clubs. The newer trap fans of Trap Ye’ wont get it, they cant ‘Turn up’ to it. It isnt ‘Lit’ enough for them.

We are blessed with ‘No More Parties In LA’ which is exactly what I wanted. It’s what I expect from Ye’, it’s what I want. It’s pure undiluted hip-hop in it’s rawest form, but it isn’t going to pop off in the clubs. The newer fans of Trap Ye’ wont get it, they cant ‘Turn up’ to it. It isn’t ‘Lit’ enough for them.

The same people that didn’t understand ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ wont get it. I’m nervous because ‘No More Parties In LA’ is too good for this moment in time. It’s hip-hop at it’s best, and even though Ye’ is lyrically slaughtering the alleged competition from any era, it’s too good. After ‘Swish’ we wont get another Ye’ album like this for a while.

The backlash from black twitter and the online mob will be unleashed. TMZ journalism will provide unnecessary inaccurate reviews. Click bait ‘writers’ will try to give us their uneducated, unwanted opinions. The new Ye’ stans will be confused by the depth of lyricism, and will abandon the cause. Radio stations will opt for more spineless rap, soulless dance music.

Only Team Kanye Daily, KTT, a few bloggers and a few DJs will get it and stand strong.
The real hardcore fans will get it. Those that have been following his path since ‘Get Well Soon’ Ye’ or ‘Get By’ Ye’. We really don’t give a fuck what other people think as we live for the great moments. Great music is our daily soundtrack, it fuels us.
We fiend for great Hip-Hop, it’s what we expect. It’s what Kanye does.

Previewing 'The College Dropout' on my BBC Radio 1xtra show 7/2/04 Ye'
Previewing ‘The College Dropout’ on my BBC Radio 1xtra show 7/2/04 Ye’