6LACK & Jhene Aiko Get Together On ‘First F*ck’

They’ve already teased us on social media with their sessions in the studio together, and now that we’re finally getting to hear those sensual stirrings, we bet you’ll love them even more after their ‘First F*ck’.

‘First F*ck’ is the first new follow up from 6LACK to his breakout debut ‘Free 6LACK’ and features the notably silky vocals of Jhene Aiko. After featuring on the only collab with Syd on her album ‘Fin’, 6LACK seems to have a knack for getting together with all the right women. The new collaboration with Jhene Aiko comes hot off the heels off another co-sign from The Weeknd who’s also enlisted 6LACK for his North American Starboy: Legend of the Fall tour. With a string of intimate live shows across key US cities already getting rave reviews, it’s time to free up 6LACK for a ride over to these international waters so he can hit up London live.

Till then, it time to get explicitly into 6LACK and Jhene Aiko’s ‘First F*ck’ here:


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