808INK Link UP With JD. Reid And Get ‘Chubby’

South London music duo 808INK linkup with producer & DJ, JD. Reid for their latest bouncy, vibey cut entitled ‘Chubby’.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the sounds of 808INK, then it’s not too late. The duo are consistent and creating a distinctively experimental UK hip-hop sound, that slips genre definitions, but is essentially their very own ‘Lundun’ sound.

Since their LP ‘Billy’s Home‘ dropped towards the latter part of 2015, 808INK are just keeping the gully sounds coming. Since the October release, the pair have shared four tunes, including ‘Chubby’.

‘Chubby’, like most of 808INK’s sounds, is genre-bending, it’s got these gritty lyrics, over bouncy production, it’s very, very wavy: “Give me a second I need to stop stressin’. Give me a second let me flex on these diggers.”

Sharing production duties with JD. Reid, this one is more lyrically packed, with that infectious hook, it’s got me like whoa. Hopefully, *prays to UK music gods* the continuous stream of new music from 808INK is the signalling of a new project from the duo? Let’s hope so.

We’ve said this before, don’t sleep on 808INK. Loose yourself in the bounce on this one.