808INK Get ‘Q’d Up’

2016 is getting off to a roaring start, forget all those salacious baby daddy drama’s on the internet and lets get back to Billy, the protagonist from 808Ink’s stellar 2015 EP ‘Billy’s Home‘.

808 Ink know something about drawing attention to the gully side, and they’re getting things ‘Q’d Up’ by shredding any perception of just how charged up U.K MC’s can get. This is the year of reckoning for a new generation of MC’s, the likes of Stormzy, Section Boyz and Kojey Radical have already proved that no industry gatekeepers will hold them back. If you’ve ridden the wave in 2015, trust us in 2016 there’s a surge coming and its not just grime its gully!

808Ink will be supporting Kojey Radical at his first headline show on the 28th of January, so get down there, because ‘Q’d Up’ is a stark prelude to how intensely 808INK are going to fuck shit up this year.

Kojey Radical 808 Ink live