808INK Go In For A ‘Lat Pull Down’

The self-confessed, ‘worlds gulliest duo’, 808INK are relentless with their releases. As they up the ante for their April headline show, they’ve dropped the infectious ‘Lat Pull Down’.

Since the release of their LP ‘Billys Home’, the London duo have shared numerous tracks such as ‘Blah De Frog’, ‘Peach’, ‘DSSY’, and a collab with producer JD Reid called ‘Chubby‘. Their latest release ‘Lat Pull Down’ is no different, it has a contagious drum line which is lined with baseline and synth that has become inseparably affiliated with 808INK’s sound.

Speaking to 808INK producer, 808 Charmer, he described their latest release as an insight into how the duo use the little they have to cause a big impact. “That’s shown in the ‘stick up a BULLY with a splinter’ line from Mumblez”, Charmer said via Twitter correspondence. “Then the Lat pull correlates with the hook when it says, ‘I just want you next to me’. It’s a reference to the Lat which is a muscle on the ‘back’ – but the back in this case is a females lower half (her bum) lol so it’s a romanticised mild sexual reference, as in when you hold a woman by the waist and gently pull her towards you“.

We like that and we like ‘Lat Pull Down’ too. 808INK are headlining at The Hoxton Square Bar on Wednesday 27th April, get your tickets here.