A Day With Shotty Horroh

Manchester’s other favourite son gives you a glimpse into his daily life.

Shotty is an absolute savage on the mic, an internationally known legend for what he has done within the Battle rap arena. I cant believe he lives down the road from where I grew up, and i’m very proud of the devastation that he’s inflicted.

Recently in his final battle, Shotty verbally brutalised and murdered Charlie Clips at Don’t Flop.

Although he has ‘retired’ from the Battle scene, he still has the majority of the rap game on safety. An MC cannot battle for as long as he has and just switch up his style and be nice, he cant just transfer to the mundane mediocrity of the rap 9 to 5.

He’s always going to be a beast, have blood dribbling down his chin, and that audacious flow will always be on standby for someone who is going to be dumb enough to try and lure him out of retirement.

While he enters the next chapter of his career and pursues the artist path, all those other Battle rap mcs can breathe easy……for now.

Watch out for new music and a new video from Shotty Horroh dropping soon.