A Desiigner Who Got A Million Plays of ‘Panda’

Brooklyn’s 18 years old hot new Desiigner set off a bidding war early this year off of one track only, that’s clocked over a million plays on SoundCloud within a month.

You may have heard ‘Panda’ last week on DJ Semtex’s show last Friday but this banger is about to blow up into a giant ‘Panda’. If you haven’t heard of Desiigner yet, get on it because the rumour mill is about to go into overdrive after a since deleted Tweet from Ebro, announced G.O.O.D music had sealed the deal with Desiigner as their latest new signee.

Hope you Killas Understand” Desiigner, he’s got a drawl like he’s from the South, and this Brooklyn boy’s ‘Got Broads In Atlanta Twisting Dope Lean And The Fanta Credit Cards And Scammers Hitting Off Licks In The Bando.’