A Girl Like Wolfie Whose Worth The Internet Knew About

Landing a support slot on The Internet’s U.K tour is a date made for an artist loaded with the talents and calibre of Wolfie. If there’s an audience that Wolfie can capture with her brand of insanely seductive good music, then the crowd at The Internet show is hers to be taken on a high.

Singer-songwriter Wolfie emits a glowing energy that’s captured our attention since dropping her debut in 2015, ‘I Be Ghost’. The path she’s set herself on has had her working with production talents like Show N Prove, ADP and Levi Lennox, lacing us with a steady stream of stellar tracks from ‘Seeds‘ to’ ‘‘Drifting’ and ‘‘Come Over’’.

Now finally emerging out of the studio to the stage, Wolfie has transformed her sound into a live show that’s got everything we’ve known she’s had along – a truly magnetic presence. Vocally tight and complete in her own element, Wolfie dominated the stage fronting her band of musicians flowing through her formidable set of sublime songs.

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Whether reclined in an armchair, sparked up playing PlayStation, or striding through the endz of South London with her self-assured energy, Wolfie’’s had us feeling hypnotised for more than a minute.  Dropping her latest single ‘Obi Wan‘ at the end of last year and following up with her debut video days earlier, Wolfie just oozes a lean, irrefutable energy.

Set to impress in a big way, this is one girl, who knows her worth and the way it’s starting to look anything she wants is hers –  Wolfie is on the road to future highs.