A ‘Live & Direct’ Debut From P Money

Recently, I was having a discussion about albums within the Grime music scene. The argument was whether albums played an integral part of the culture. Obviously, there are the classic albums from Wiley, Dizzee, Kano for example, but there are also legends like D Double E who haven’t released a solo album.

Being a culture that’s built from the underground, mixtapes have been the name of the game for so long. It might have evolved into EPs recently, just so artists can be creative and showcase a few of the songs they have created.

Being an artist who’s put out several of both formats, P Money, the South London MC, has been releasing projects for nearly a decade. From ‘Coins 2 Notes’ to the ‘Thank You EP’, the OG has represented and been moving around the underground scene creating music, that’s taken him around the world. From Dub Step to Grime, his versatility has proven that he can flex his lyrical muscle whatever set he’s on.

Considering the rich history that P Money has, it feels strange to say that today is the day that he’s releasing his debut album, ‘Live & Direct’. I saw him recently and told him just that it’s an odd feeling to talk about this as his first album, his was direct – “It’s the right time.” No arguments there.

Judging from his recent music, it’s clearly evident that he is in his stride. From the Eskimo Dance hit ’10/10′ to the lyrical tornado ‘Panasonic‘, the new album from the OG’s veteran is something that should be in every Grime collection. With features from Wiley and JME and a cover shot by the scene’s loved photographer Vicki Grout, ‘Live & Direct’ demonstrates P Money’s staying power and he’s created something that serves as a strong entry in the album category.

You can buy Live & Direct from iTunes and stream it from Spotify