the weekend new album released august

A Week of Highs for The Weeknd

It’s been a week of high’s for The Weeknd as his new single ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ has secured the coveted No.1 spot in the U.S Billboard 100 charts.

The once elusive Canadian crooner also now seems primed to break through the R&B ceiling this time round and shoot closer to the stars left by the ‘King of Pop’ – Michael Jackson.  With 3 weeks to go ahead of this album release he’s swiftly ramped up the excitement for ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ as last week ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ tracked 150,000 sales in the U.S and the video clocked in over 12 million views on YouTube.

Starting out 4 years ago with a slew of mixtapes and an intense mystery about the man behind his moody music, the slow grind paid off on the underground and soon amplified when The Weeknd caught Drakes attention. At one point it may have all looked like the XO and OVO connection would be a partnership made in heaven and although they’ve toured and collaborated together, it seems that The Weeknd is secure in craving out a different solo path.

Whereas ‘Kissland’ his first studio album may not have had the impact the industry had hoped for, hardcore fans still stayed close but this time he’s adamant about taking his music to the mainstream. With BBM we might start to see the old remnants of The Weeknd wither away and be replaced by a more ‘comfortable’ sheen that befits a pop king. It remains to be seen whether he can maintain a careful balance in his music, the kind that made Jackson the ruling king universally across the board.


The album ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ will be coming out on August 28.

The single ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is available to download now.