Aina More Girls Killing It Video

Aina More Knows About ‘That Thing’

When Aina More first heard the lyrics to Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wop’, singing the words ‘That Thing, That Thing’ at the age of seven she didn’t really know what that thing actually was.

20 years ago, Lauryn Hill transformed the perception of women in Hip-Hop and was unapologetic about calling out our skewed perception of sexual decency and virtue. 20 years later, Aina More is setting out to change the world “As a rapper I understand the importance of music, not just the lyrics but the Hip Hop culture. What messages are they passing on, and it has to matter and its up to the musicians to make it matter”

Aina More new video for her ‘Girls Killing It’, (produced by Ghanaian DJ and Producer, DJ Juls), cuts through with a new slant on afro hip-hop beats and this new MC is set to rise and rise.

With influences from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Fela Kuti and Tupac Shakur she dropped her first EP ‘Back To Life’ in 2011, followed by Mixtape ‘It’s A W.R.A.P.’ in 2012 and since then Ms. More has been travelling and putting out releases like the New Age Fuji single ‘Ja’Burata’, which received props from many including King Sunny Ade, the ‘2005’ Video, (produced by Modenine), Hip-Hop single ‘Hustler’ and Work Rate, which was released alongside raw visuals. She is now featured and highly ranked on Legendary Hip Hop’s DJ Jimmy Jatt’s 25th Anniversary Album on the track titled ‘Money Bags’.

Aina More is part of a new wave of young emerging lyricists, born and bred in London, of Nigerian origin. Her background in play writing and teaching Dance & Theatre is how she developed her writing and spoken word skills, eventually leading her into the studio as an artist in her own right. With her unapologetic approach to rhymes, style and deeper content she has also appeared as a guest speaker at ‘Speak More’ – Tedx Talks 2014.

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