AJ Tracey Ends Tour On Home Turf

Last night saw the culmination of West London rapper AJ Tracey’s headline ‘Secure the Bag!’ tour and it truly was a welcome home for the young star.

The 3 week tour has seen the MTP member hit up shows from Liverpool to Sheffield, Dublin to Brighton and with this final stop on home turf, you felt like he definitely saved the best till last. Dropping tracks from his latest project and the Lil Tracey EP, there really was something for everyone, with Tracey bouncing off the crowds energy and taking it all in.

As the set began, AJ promised that as it was a London show, “there would have to be a couple treats” and those came in the form of two of the hottest UK artists in the scene today. As the lights first blacked out, Dave ran onto stage to perform their 2016 banger, ‘Thiago Silva’, a track which helped propel the pair. The chemistry has always been clear between the two and last night seemed like a crossroads, with the two recently dropping highly praised projects this month [Secure the Bag! and Game Over respectively] and celebrating the success they’ve achieved over the past 12 months. The second treat came in the form of Stormzy, who burst onto the stage, tore it down with a rendition of ‘Big For Your Boots’ and then dusted, not before declaring AJ as “the finest artist to come out of the UK” – high praise indeed.

Being his homecoming show, AJ’s mum was in attendance and what else does a son gift his mum then orchestrating several large mosh pits [“mum, check these mosh pits out! I know you’ve never seen one before, they’re crazy!”]. The crowd were intense to say the least and their energy was high throughout, singing along to all his hits and bouncing along to the beat. Even technical difficulties on stage couldn’t hold him back as while a steam cannon went rogue, AJ took the opportunity to drop a freestyle alongside MTP’s Ets, forever showing his dedication to his fans.

The 50 minute set was wrapped up with a double wheel up of his hit ‘Buster Cannon’ and one of his latest releases and fan favorite, ‘Quarterback’. However the last scene of the night saw him ask for silence as he had some words to say; shouting out all his family and friends for the journey and declaring that thanks to his fan’s support, he’d just sold out his largest headline show and Secure the Bag! had charted with no label backing. While this may come as no surprise to those that have seen his rise over the past two years, his acknowledgement of his success was the perfect ending to a truly special night for the homecoming young king.

Grab your copy of Secure the Bag! via Apple Music here