Akon And Migos Got On A Whole Lot

There’s been a vast space left to fill since Akon took a step out of the spotlight and into more philanthropic activities. But the grind never stopped for him and underestimating Akon is something no one does when he’s bagged a whole multi-platinum catalogue and world records.

There’s been a whole lot of music that’s hit the charts from Akon, and if the sound is all about Atlanta right now, Akon’s in his element enlisting the Migos bando’s to bring on their verses to the new track ‘Whole Lot’.

It’s been five years since his last album, but he’s got 5 years worth of a whole lot to sing about and if you witnessed his breakthrough – believe that no one saw it coming – so maybe no one can make bets on his second coming – because when it comes to Akon he can smack that with one huge hit.