Alex Wiley Navigates With Calez & Chance The Rapper

Alex Wiley is letting that shit breathe and giving the release of ‘Village Party 2’ a week away from the glut of hip-hop releases hitting us today.

‘Village Party 2’ will drop 20 November and in a lead up to the release, we get a taster from Alex Wiley with ‘Navigator Truck’ one of the featured cuts from the 12 track project featuring Calez and Chance the Rapper. Check out an excerpt from DJ Semtex’s full interview with Alex Wiley below talking Chicago;

“Yeah man, our scene is really really, really on the come up right now, I honestly can’t even explain it, it doesn’t make a lot of sense why there’s so many people coming up from here, but there’s so much good music coming from Chicago right now, its actually very cool and humbling to be one of the notable people coming out of the city in this wave. Even to where I’m at right now, I’m in the studio with a group called Hurt Everybody which you may be familiar with, they’re doing amazing things around the city, they’re getting the kids very very excited, genuine enthusiasm. We’re just in here chillin’, playing 2K while the beat is playing in the background, and I’m finna’ write to it, its just very organic. This is how it’s supposed to be, its being run by the actual artists.”

Pre-order ‘Village Party 2’ from iTunes now.