Alfa Mist And Lester Duval Are ‘2nd Exit’ On Their Self Titled EP

2nd Exit is the hip-hop pairing of producer and rappers Alfa Mist and Lester Duval. Their debut self-entitled EP ‘2nd Exit’ is the perfect dose of smooth hip-hop and soulful production.

Individually, Alfa Mist and Lester Duval are successful, on the come up, producers and rappers in their own right. Having worked on projects with Barney Artists, Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch, as well as their own solo works, it’s surprising the pair found time to merge together and create ‘2nd Exit’ and this smooth seven track body of work.

With both artists living that experience of struggling as an artist living in London, while diving to the studio one day, the name ‘2nd Exit’ came to them. Serving as both an expression and outlet for both artists, ‘2nd Exit’ is packed with tales of life and lessons learned in the glorious metropolis that is London. Released via Cosa Nostra Records, the pair also shared a video documenting the recoding process of the project, check it out above.  Brewing and borrowing elements of jazz, hip-hop and soul, this one is a very smooth listen, stream the project below: