Allan Kingdom Visualises The ‘Northern Lights’

Allan Kingdom is very much a rapper of the modern era, and a huge part in the enjoyment of his first project ‘Northen Lights’ is that you never really know what it is you’re listening to.

Synths and base lines become entangled in Allan’s voice, merging into a perfect cluster as he raps and sings through the track. Nothing is distinguishable or definable in the 13 track escapade that is ‘Northern Lights’, and that’s exactly why it works. Since absorbing a multitude of tones across the release late last year, Allan Kingdom has added another layer to the project with the release of his first visual for the title track.

With a glacier as a backdrop, lit with lo-light flares and a somewhat ethereal feeling, the Kron directed video, is a solo mission with Allan Kingdom alone on screen and in his element. If you haven’t checked out the video watch it above now, and read the complete review of ‘Northern Lights’ the album here.