Allan Kingdom’s Arrival Was A Blast

Over a year after joining Kanye West on stage for his seminal performance of ‘All Day’ at the Brit Awards, Minnesota’s the Peanut Butter Prince aka Allan Kingdom arrived in London for a second time, ready to make his mark in the city on his own.

One thing that is clear about all the Arrival events, is that it is consistent in bringing the freshest talent before the world knows they’re hot. Allan Kingdom has been on his grind since 2011, his passion for his craft is clear in the enviable energy he delivers at his live shows, and his Arrival, was no different.

Opening the proceedings at East London’s, now famed for live performances, Birthdays was Chris Kaz. Chris Kaz has this completely atmospheric vibe to him, that’s reminiscent of James Blake’s scenic electro sounds. With ghostly coo’s, laced over seamless production beats, Chris’ 20 minute set was perfectly mellow.

Stepping into the rap realms, up next was South East London’s Aidan Coker. Charismatic and confident, Coker amped the crowd up further, performing tracks lifted from his up and coming EP ‘Connect’.

As the venue started to get busier and busier, the now heavy crowd edged closer and closer to the front, all waiting to get a glimpse of the Peanut Butter Prince aka Allan Kingdom.


Donning a baby blue stripe type overalls and a jacket, Allan Kingdom took to the stage, “What the fuck is up London Town!” Turning the energy up to 100, he quickly had the crowds arms in the air, bouncing up and down to his melodic beats, paired with his fluctuating raps and unique cadence.

Performing tracks from his January released project ‘Northern Lights‘, Allan Kingdom was quick to let the crowd know where he came from. Allan performed nearly all the bangers from the project like the Chronixx assisted track ‘Fables’, the sing along, ‘Monkey See’ and ‘The Ride’. Not one to forget his day one fans, Allan also took it back a bit. Performing bits from his 2014 ‘Future Memoirs’ project such as his collab with Spooky Black ‘Wavy’ and the melodic ‘Evergreens’.

Standing like a preacher in the pulpit, eyes closed, backing music hushed, Allan announced: “I took a young sweet breath, and I reached into my Earth. Gave him what I had left, and at the moment I dispersed” – launching into ‘All Day’ which had the crowds arms raised high, jumping up and down.

After nearly an hour of energy and pitch perfect performances, Allan closed on a personal favourite. Leaving London with his 2014 banger ‘Blast’, it’s safe to say Allan Kingdom’s Arrival was not only a blast, but a true display of his showmanship and his undisputed vocal and lyrical abilities.