Allow Milkavelli To Inebriate Your Soul

Inebriation, a state we’ve all once been exposed to at least once in our existence – admit it , you’ve ventured into that realm once before. Milkavelli plays doctor as he prescribes this audio narcotic for your auditory senses to devour. This is one legal-high we urge you to try.

‘Geekin’ is an invitation into the wild and wacky world of Omelet and Milk. Not too be mistaken for a list of mild breakfast ingredients, this pair will evoke your thought process and infect your mind.

“EGGS & MILK – BREAKFAST TIME” –  a stark reminder of the relationship forged between two outlandish characters, which creates the barbaric backdrop for this track to pounce from.

For me this track is the kind of inebriation that’s addictive from the off, it’ll leach onto your ears and lure your subconscious into unknown territory. Milkavelli ’s obscure demeanour is driven through this track with verses of arrogant rap, delivered with that charming “zero fucks given attitude”, all backed up with a side of ghoulish production courtesy of, Omelet.

If you’re going to trip, do it in the worst way, trip balls with Milkavelli, don’t fret about a bad high this will only last for all of 183 seconds, just don’t be ‘Geekin’ on us now.