Alright Tory Mate, Ed’s Saying It Too

So we’ve been saying it, and saying and saying it – Tory Lanez is going to be huge! But don’t get it twisted, huge doesn’t happen because of a perceived co-sign – it happens when you nail it with the music. So it looks like Ed Sheeran’s just seeing what all those Fargo fans have been feeling for a while now – Tory’s just killing it!

We spotted a little to and fro between Tory and Ed on Twitter a few weeks back, talking about a potential tour together. Whatever this new friendship turns into, a Canandian and British combo could make for a cool collab and in the spirit of collaborations we look forward to watching this space for sure. Watch out for Fargo Fridays, who knows what’s possible these days.

In the meantime, the Tory Lanez story is one that’s building by the day and ‘Say It‘ has clearly got alot of people hooked, respect to Ed Sheeran for doing it justice – we’re liking what he’s brought to the table.