Alxndr London Meditates On ‘Today’ In New EP

East London’s elusive Alxndr London releases his second EP ‘Today’.

Filled with roaming soundscapes, Alxndr London conveys the depths of his sound across five tracks fusing Soul with Jazz; fantasy with reality.

The follow up to his acclaimed debut ‘A Long Time Ago’, Alxndr London plays with a wide ranging and atmospheric sonic palette, he deploys tempo and percussion; keys and synth as a means of travelling through time once more. Packed with references from many musical genres, Alxndr London weaves colour into sound, with ‘Circus Of Mermaids’ a particularly impressive track that is at once awash with synths and echoes of Prince while maintaining it’s future focused tilt.

‘Today’ is undoubtedly contemporary, nods to inspirations that have come before don’t overwhelm or cloud the modern perspective of Alxndr London – shrewd choices in vocal arrangement add harmony; blessing the project with an energy that is both effervescent and uplifting.