Ami Obe & PND Got ‘Truth For You’

Premiered on Episode 10 of last weekends OVO Sound radio show, Amir Obe’s ‘Truth For You’ now features  PARTYNEXTDOOR’ in the finished version that’s now surfaced online.

Amir Obe and PARTYNEXTDOOR, make ‘Truth For You’ their 2nd outing as collaborators since we featured ‘I’m Good‘ back in September. Re-enlisting his producer NYLZ, Amir Obe and PMD keep the tempo wavy and the vibe as chill as R&B needs to be right now. ‘Let’s just be honest’, even if Amir Obe just wants to entertain us with messages in his music to the one who’s jilted him, give us a little more proof about whether this is leading to a joint-project or if they’re just flirting with us on these collaborations.

Drunk enough to write a song about you, Only writer say those words about you. Only writer keep it true for you, Here it go, I got the proof