Anik Khan’s Ode To ‘Cleopatra’ Is Classic

I have to admit I’d already presumed that this track would be tight when I saw the name Melo-X on co-production duties with a new-ish name to the scene, Anik Khan.

Rappers of different origins outside of the usual; black, white, Mexican fodder is no new thing but I think it is fair to say that Anik with his Bengali origins stands out as definitely one of the few from Stateside. Of course being something ‘different’ is not enough to lavish superlatives about how great a ‘rapper’ he is – of course talent is the deciding point. It’s safe to say however with that caveat in place that that there is enough to say he has something about him. Anik actually dropped his debut EP ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ via Billboard in 2015 and a number of publications picked up on him then.

So in 2016, he follows up with ‘Cleopatra’ as the lead single from his forthcoming EP. The track manages to pay homage to his roots/origins in Dhaka, Bangladesh while giving equal credence to his life living in Queens. It opens with some chanting which has its origins in Indian subcontinent, before launching into a synth bass rap track with ever so light splashings of dance vibes (without over doing it David Guetta style) plus the occasional distinct sound of the tabla in the background. Anik in turn lays down simple but effective verses in his slightly baritone delivery expressing love while letting us know that he is a triple threat with some tidy singing on the hook and chorus (check his nod to Craig David’s classic ‘Fill Me In’ 2000). The combination leads us to the glaring conclusion that Anik Khan is someone to place on our individual music radars.

With any person who is ‘different’ or ‘new’ to a scene, the ultimate seal of approval – those ‘differences’ – become obsolete in the face of their obvious talent.  If he continues with the same quality output then he has all the ingredients to make his ‘differences’ mean nothing as we hail him for his great; production, raps and of course singing – Anik one to watch.