AOSOON Bring Some More ‘High Grade’ Gangsta Folk

We just have to rate this band with a name that’s all about our own living mantra. Pronounced ‘ayo soon,’ AOSOON is an acronym for ‘A Lot Of Something Out Of Nothing,’ and it’s pretty much what’s making the British scene so damn exhilarating right now.

Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso, the duo who formed Aosoon, are setting out quite a different groove with their self-described form of ‘gangsta folk’. Drop any preconceptions about what that means in sound consequences and just steep yourself in the breezy guitar led melody that just feels so fresh and so good. ‘High Grade,’ is their second release this year following up from their track ‘City‘, which is just so infectious on our ears, that we’re feeling a warm glow for these best friends.

‘High Grade is a summer jam about that high grade sorta love. It’s about being excited by love, finding new hope in love. It’s about being young in love, even if you’re old. A transformative kinda love. We felt like we were in a room with one of our idols, Bob Marley, when writing this song.’ As the duo described the inspiration behind the track in that sorta way, all we wanted to do was turn the lights down low and listen to that jam all over again.

A.O.S.O.O.N are set to play at the Notting Hill Arts Club, in London at the Communism presents show on June 5th.