A O S O O N Lead The Way Out Of ‘The City’

There’s something in those South London waters, with an unending new breed of musicians making their way up and out from the endz. This time it’s the duo  A O S O O N who’ve caught our attention with their new session on ‘City’.

As the founding members of their own self-titled gangsta-folk scene, a o s o o n aptly premiered their new track not unlike another South London rising star Wolfie, on Annie Mac’s show on Radio 1. ‘City’ has that cruisin kind of feeling, whether you’re in the back seat of that Uber or driving your own ‘bimma’ right outta the ‘City’ of London, Marisa’s light and effortless vocals seem to transport us to state of California dreaming.

Progressing beyond their acoustic body of work over the past year, Marisa and Manny seem ready to pick up the pace and accelerate their journey. First meeting at a moment in time spent playing in a church band, they headed out on their own separate paths to study music in two big cities, but with a channel between them as Marisa heading to LA and Manny to London, the music still kept them connected.

Firmly grounded back on home turf now, they’re perfecting their chemistry of sound leading the way with a new energy, look out for more from the duo, with a new video in the works, their goals are looking pretty clear.