Appelsap Share ‘One Love’ In Their 2017 Campaign

Sometimes, modern life feels as though we simply fumble our way from one calamity to the next. Negligible foreign policy driven by imperialist governments, the war on terror, the war on drugs, pervading extremism and the resultant refugee crisis are all elements we’ve reluctantly grown accustomed to navigating.

“This party is dedicated to all the teachers that told us we’d never amount to nothing.” – TEAM APPELSAP X

It’s finding a sense of community, unity and togetherness that keeps us in touch with our humanity. Setting aside divisions and connecting with like minds both locally and globally (thanks to the internet) at a grassroots level has proven time and time again a more direct and impactful coping mechanism.

Now that festival season has arrived, we’re lucky enough to have months ahead to find, meet and connect with those like minds. One fitting location this summer is Amsterdam’s Appelsap Fresh Music Festival. Launching their visual campaign entitled ‘One Love’ and shot by Dutch photographer Lotte Van Raalte,  Appelsap ‘One Love’ exhibits the individual personalities that make up the global Appelsap family.

A precursor to Holland’s leading Hip Hop event – Appelsap Festival – the visual campaign will be rolled out over the coming months in cities across the world. Having started life in Cape Town, South Africa a full photo campaign accompanies 15 short teaser videos directed by Basha De Bruijn and students from the Township Film School in Langa. An illustration of the key players in the international, cultural scene, the first release features South African artists Dope Saint Jude, Boolz and Blaq Slim with more yet to come.

Applesap Festival celebrates its 15th year this year and the event will take place on August 12 2017 the main event location is the Flevopark in Amsterdam.  Lil Wayne, Dave, 67, Siobhan Bell are all set to feature with more names to be announced soon. Tickets for the Festival are €47.50.

Watch the ‘One Love’ film below and get tickets for Appelsap here: