Apple Debuts DJ Khaled, DJ Khaled Debuts Future

If there’s one tech giant that wants to win big it’s Apple and they’re dishing out deals by the dozen. If you’re not expecting the unexpected from Apple Music, you’re underestimating the cash cow that’s intent to dent the music industry all round.

DJ Khaled has just won big, with his new deal with Apple Music for a new Friday night radio and tv show “We The Best” on Beats 1 and Apple music, kicking off this Friday with the world premiere of Future’s new album. If you want a taster of what to expect from DJ Khaled, check out the teaser above.

Radio isn’t about to die anytime soon, but it’s evolving into a very different kind of giant Apple as they commit to quickly evolving Beats 1 into the celebrity internet radio of music giants. Debuting Beats 1 last summer with just 3 anchors and a deal with Drake, not many had predicted then that a multitude of artists wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of the Apple – even Taylor Swift.

It’s hard not to deny that the kind of radio that commands the attention of fans worldwide isn’t all kinds of infectious. We can’t help feed the giant, as this weekends Drake premiere had millions of fans fixated to their phones listening to Apple Music and talking about it on Twitter.  Apple have managed to provide an unrivalled platform for artists direct to their fans on a worldwide scale, all at one place and at one time – and its working – ignore it at your peril.

With the phenomena of personality and profile that DJ Khaled’s accumulated it’s hardly unlikely that millions won’t be locking in on Friday nights and tuned into the internet waves.

DJ Khaled presents ‘We The Best’ every Friday night from 8pm Eastern time / 1am GMT, the tv show will be streamed every other week. Guaranteed to give us no sleep on a Friday night – it’s clear where we’ll be at for those ‘future’ premieres.